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Donggang Co., Ltd.: Currently, it has not participated in the technical docking of Shanghai carbon exchange

Time : 04/07/2022 Author : e0bzu5 Click : + -
        Every time AI express is sent, investors ask questions on the investor interaction platform: Shanghai environment and energy exchange realizes the integration of blockchain and carbon trading, which is a new breakthrough in the global carbon trading industry! May I ask whether the company and its subsidiaries have taken advantage of their own blockchain technology to participate in the docking of blockchain transactions in Shanghai carbon exchange?. Donggang shares (002117. SZ) said on the investor interaction platform on September 10, dear investors, Hello! Our company and its subsidiaries pay attention to the development of carbon trading market and hope to develop corresponding application products in energy conservation and emission reduction by using blockchain technology. In June this year, our holding subsidiary and China Electronic Energy Saving Technology Association jointly created a low-carbon blockchain product and began to promote its application.
        However, at present, it has not participated in the technical docking of Shanghai carbon exchange. If any, it will be disclosed according to the disclosure rules. Thank you for your attention to our company.
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