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Chain game players: what are the advantages of chain game over traditional games

Time : 31/10/2021 Author : qsne1r Click : + -
        Introduction: what should the blockchain game industry do in 2020? When it comes to games, people's first impression is that traditional mobile games such as the glory of the king, but the attention of chain games is relatively weak. What are the advantages of chain games over traditional games, and it is worth the hard work of people with ideals in this industry?. At the earlier Tencent ecological Conference on April 23, 2018, Tencent officially released its first blockchain game, let's catch demons together, which is only an internal test for players and an online public test. On the day of launching, "let's catch demons" directly topped the free list of Appstore, and the blockchain game industry also reported the relevant information of this game one after another, which is very hot.
        However, it is a pity that "catch demons together" has little to do with blockchain games. Blockchain technology is only used as an auxiliary technology to chain players' pets. It is worth mentioning that "catch demons together" inherits the consistent high-level production quality of Tencent games, and is incomparable in terms of screen, music and playing methods. The blockchain type used in catch demons together is the alliance chain. The advantage of the alliance chain is that the processing speed is fast and it can provide a good experience for large-scale games. Of course, such a configuration cannot be called a chain tour. The basic element of chain games is to run on the blockchain. Another important standard is that game assets can be circulated.
        As soon as "catch demons together" was launched, it became a popular social network, and game players rushed in. Of course, with some disadvantages of traditional games showing up, "catch demons together" has gradually become less popular. In "catch demons together", players' pets will be traded in the market or in private. Some studios and the wool Party saw business opportunities, so a large number of plug-ins and false accounts flooded in, in order to brush useful resources from the game and sell them to ordinary players. This phenomenon has aggravated the loss of players in "catch demons together". There are fundamental reasons why blockchain games can be created.
        One of the roles is to cut off the rampant situation of studios and plug-ins in "let's catch demons together". In traditional games, if players want to make profits, they have to register hundreds of small numbers in batch, and then use integrated technology to control hundreds of mobile phones to swipe resources. The blockchain game itself has its own financial attribute. Because of the token economy, the game assets can be circulated, which greatly avoids the situation that players cannot obtain income through formal channels. In terms of attacking plug-ins and studios, as long as the game is restricted in terms of rules, most malicious operations can be eliminated. The rules of the blockchain game can be written into the smart contract and executed by the smart contract.
        However, due to the particularity of the game, the smart contract is rigid and cannot be changed frequently. Therefore, the rules of many games are not written into the smart contract. Now, some game development platforms have designed a mechanism that can change the smart contract according to the characteristics of the game, which greatly facilitates the development of chain game developers and the game as a whole. In the future, whether the blockchain can subvert traditional games is mainly based on this point: if the game quality is the same, the chain game also has some ability to enable players to gain profits, naturally a large number of users will prefer the chain game. It can be expected that chain travel enterprises that do not exploit user behavior and value will grow.
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