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Blockchain Product Manager,How about tokensoft public offering

Time : 25/09/2021 Author : 4iyhob Click : + -
        Tokensoft, a regulated securities token platform in the United States, has cooperated with signaturebank, which is headquartered in New York, to create a securities token platform for real estate investors! Through a series of cooperative relationships, tokensoft can provide insurance accounts, evaluation reports and broker trading services for asset managers, with a view to bringing real estate investors into the token platform! In addition, tokensoft will integrate with signaturebank, provide us dollar custody, and conduct real-time US dollar transfer through signet, the bank's blockchain payment platform!. Mason & middot, CEO of tokensoft; Mason borde announced the plan at the "bits and blocks club" (fidelity digital asset staff learning group) held by Fidelity application technology center in June 2019! At that time, juri bulovic, blockchain product manager of fidelity application technology center, commented: "for employees, this is a real use case of restricted tokens, giving them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience on tokens, wallets and other blockchain technologies to understand their working principles and how we can apply them to other fields!".
        This token (known as "BBT token") has been deployed as the restricted token standard used by Fidelity's bitsandblocksclub (fidelity digital asset staff learning group)! Members can use BBT tokens as part of the closed-loop reward system, which rewards employees who participate in internal training activities! For fidelity, the most important thing is that this is the first use of the token, which may encode complex regulations and operational requirements in its contract! The token is controlled by tokensoft's token management platform, which is specially designed for institutional level schemes! Fidelity has long been committed to bringing digital assets to institutional investors. As early as October 2018, fidelity announced that it would provide "enterprise quality" custody and provide bitcoin trading services to its customers! When the company launched fidelity digital assets in early 2019, it reiterated its positive attitude towards the blockchain. The platform aims to provide encrypted digital assets and blockchain based asset services for pension and hedge funds!.
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