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Chain to technology: summary of important information on digital economy, blockchain and supply chain finance on July 28

Time : 05/07/2021 Author : kd59zv Click : + -
        The reporter of economic information daily learned that the latest data showed that in 2019, the digital economy scale of more than ten provinces, autonomous regions and cities including Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Beijing exceeded trillion. As the digital economy has become an important growth pole for local stable growth and transformation, a new round of major digital economy projects is being vigorously launched, including data centers, digital economy industrial parks and demonstration parks. At the same time, many places have identified a number of project libraries around the digital infrastructure fields such as 5g and industrial Internet, so as to leverage a broader market space with investment and provide strong support for the digital transformation of economic society. According to the 2020 work plan of the industrial Internet special working group, 10 benchmark networks will be built by the end of the year, and 100 leading enterprises in key industries and 1000 local backbone enterprises will be promoted to carry out industrial Internet intranet transformation and upgrading.
        According to the data of China information and Communication Research Institute, the economic added value of China's industrial Internet industry in 2018 and 2019 was 1.42 trillion yuan and 2.13 trillion yuan, respectively, accounting for 1.5% and 2.2% of GDP. It is estimated that the economic scale of China's industrial Internet industry will reach 3.1 trillion yuan this year, accounting for 2.9% of GDP. On July 27, Liu Daogang, deputy director of Tianjin transportation committee, said that Tianjin would focus on the pilot projects such as "building a world-class smart and green hub port, building a new market supervision mechanism for transportation based on credit, application demonstration of transportation big data, a life-cycle engineering quality traceability platform based on blockchain + cloud technology, and 5g based intelligent network group intelligent intelligent intelligent intelligent intelligent transportation pilot", We will spare no effort to create the first breakthrough demonstration model, form replicable and replicable pilot experience results, and continuously increase the people's sense of security, gain and happiness in the process of promoting the construction of a transportation power.
        On the morning of July 26, 2020, the establishment of Henan blockchain industry alliance and the trusted blockchain Technology Innovation Conference were held in Kailin center. Relevant provincial and municipal leaders, leaders of Henan Agricultural University, Henan University of technology, Zhongyuan Institute of technology and other universities, 30 blockchain experts from more than 10 universities inside and outside the province, and more than 400 people from the first 110 member units of the alliance attended the conference. Recently, the blockchain direct link module of Industrial Bank's international business system was officially launched, becoming the first bank to pass the acceptance according to the "direct link in - Acceptance instructions and acceptance cases" of the State Administration of foreign exchange. After the direct connection mode is adopted, the original business operation mode of the parallel operation of the Internet and the bank production network and the repeated input of the two systems of the blockchain service platform and the bank business system is changed, and the business operation process is completely embedded, which greatly improves the efficiency of export trade financing.
        On the day of launching, Industrial Bank verified 26 customs declaration forms for customers Fujian xinxianglong Shoes Co., Ltd. and Fujian Fuding Haiou Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. through direct link mode, and issued US $2194100 in financing, achieving comprehensive quality and efficiency improvement of export enterprise financing. To develop the new economy, first, it is necessary to grasp the opportunities of new infrastructure, lay a solid foundation for the development of the digital economy, grasp the key production factors of the digital economy such as computing power, data and inclusive AI, and plan to promote the development of the new economy by aiming at the four main lines of "construction, application, security and standards", so that the development of the new economy will have a new type of infrastructure with a solid network foundation, intelligent data integration, perfect industrial ecology, active platform innovation, rich application wisdom, and safe, reliable and controllable.
        Second, it is necessary to expand the application of new scenarios, fully support the innovation and development of science and technology enterprises, focus on artificial intelligence, 5g, Internet of things, big data, blockchain, life science, new materials and other fields, take application as the core, drive the integration of business forms through the cooperation of test space and market demand, promote the integration and development of upstream and downstream industrial chains, promote the transformation of new economy from concept to practice and into development momentum, and promote the accelerated growth of science and technology enterprises. Third, we need to tap new consumption potential, meet the needs of residents for consumption upgrading, comply with the changes in their consumption patterns and habits, deepen the structural reform of the consumption supply side, strengthen the construction of consumer products and service standards, improve the system and mechanism for promoting consumption, effectively enhance the fundamental role of consumption in economic development, and better meet the diversified and quality consumption needs of the people.
        Fourth, we need to implement new opening-up measures, constantly improve the level of development of an open economy, give play to the advantages of the policy superposition of the comprehensive pilot of expanding the opening-up of the service industry and the pilot Free Trade Zone, build a higher level of opening-up platform, and strive to build a new open economy system with Chinese characteristics. Fifth, we should improve the efficiency of new services, strive to create a first-class business environment, take the initiative to adapt to the needs of the accelerated growth of new driving forces, vigorously break down institutional obstacles, deepen the reform of "deregulation, management and service", comprehensively clear up all kinds of hidden barriers that affect the business access of market entities, and strive to create an international first-class business environment highland. Recently, "Longping chain" officially completed the first financing business loan, which is a milestone for Longping digital science and technology to serve "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and benefit "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" with digital technology and block chain technology.
        It is reported that "Longping chain" adopts the "n + 1 + n" service mode. The electronic creditor's rights certificates of the accounts receivable of the upstream suppliers can be disassembled, transferred and financed. The downstream dealers can finance with the advance payment of the purchase order, which helps Longping digital department effectively control the data information of accounts receivable, accounts payable, warehouse receipts and other data in the industrial chain and promote the online assets of the industrial chain. The third-party financial institutions, i.e. the investors, provide financing services to the small, medium and micro enterprises at all levels in the industrial chain through the online trusted data on the "Longping chain" in combination with the credit granted by the core enterprises, so as to solve the pain points of difficult and expensive financing for the upstream and downstream small, medium and micro enterprises. The launch of "Longping chain" can effectively strengthen supply chain management, reduce the overall cost, improve the collaborative efficiency and comprehensive competitiveness of chain enterprises, and change the agricultural ecology through the integrated application of blockchain technology in the agricultural supply chain.
        On July 28, according to the information disclosure of Shanghai Stock Exchange, the status of the special plan for financial asset support of the Great Wall Everbright Hesheng innovation and development supply chain was "passed". The bond is ABS, with a planned issuance amount of 2 billion yuan. The issuers are Shenzhen United factoring Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Qianhai Lianjie commercial factoring Co., Ltd. and Zhongnuo commercial factoring (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. the underwriter / manager is Great Wall Securities Co., Ltd.
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