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High beam software layout: the blockchain moves frequently, and the business income source of this segment is relatively single

Time : 04/09/2021 Author : nyv7sp Click : + -
        Recently, the state Internet Information Office issued the announcement on the release of the fifth batch of domestic blockchain information service filing numbers, in which the products of Yuanguang software (002063) blockchain electronic contract platform of Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed enterprises passed the filing. According to statistics, at present, 8 blockchain technology products of Yuanguang software have been recorded by the national network information office, including the underlying platform, supply chain finance, commodity traceability, data storage, charity and public welfare. It is understood that, as one of the listed companies in the industry that laid out the blockchain technology earlier, Yuanguang software set up a blockchain technology research laboratory in 2015, established a blockchain application business department in 2017, and began to take the blockchain business as a part of the operating income of the financial report in 2018.
        The ultra-high gross profit rate brought by the Yuanguang blockchain and its reliance on the State Grid make Yuanguang a rare A-share listed enterprise that obtains business income through the blockchain technology. However, the dependence on the State Grid also makes the business source of Yuanguang blockchain relatively single, which needs to be transformed. With the expansion of the ecological layout of Yuanguang software blockchain, it has become a leading enterprise in blockchain concept stocks. According to the annual report in 2020, its blockchain business income was 20.8106 million yuan, accounting for 1.23% of the main business income, the cost was 3.9935 million yuan, accounting for 0.61% of the main business cost, and the gross profit rate was 80.81%; The artificial intelligence business income was 74.2046 million, accounting for 4.39% of the main business income, and the gross profit rate was 83.88%.
        Artificial intelligence business is the business with the highest gross profit rate among all businesses of Yuanguang software, and the gross profit rate of blockchain business ranks third among the 10 businesses. Such a high gross profit rate can not help but remind people of the "first share of the blockchain" easy to see shares. Because the annual report was not disclosed on time, easy to see shares had been suspended. According to the previous report of easy to see, its blockchain business revenue reached 260 million yuan, with an ultra-high gross profit rate of 99%. However, it was later questioned by the market that the interest income generated by supply chain finance was included in the blockchain business, which resulted in such a high gross profit rate. The reporter of Huaxia times found that in 2019, the revenue of Yuanguang software blockchain business was 1989.25 million yuan, accounting for 1.27% of the main revenue; In 2018, the income of blockchain and artificial intelligence was 28.2386 million, accounting for 2.18% of the main business income.
        It can be seen from the above data that the blockchain business of Yuanguang software is relatively stable and the profit is high. It is understood that since 2015, Yuanguang software has comprehensively promoted the layout of blockchain in terms of technology, application, cooperation and capital, and promoted the application and development of blockchain technology in the fields of group management, smart energy, intelligent IOT and digital society. Now, nearly 100 invention patents have been applied for. Previously, seven products of Yuanguang blockchain enterprise application service platform, supply chain finance platform, commodity traceability, distributed energy trading, donation management platform, electronic education platform and internal model management system have been registered in the blockchain information service of the national network information office.
        In addition, Yuanguang software has invested in Hefei Qidi Yuanguang blockchain technology partnership (limited partnership), a blockchain technology enterprise, to develop blockchain business. As of the closing on July 8, Yuanguang software had risen slightly by 0.40% and quoted a price of 7.6 yuan. Since June 28, its share price has dropped sharply, falling below $9 to about $7.5. In the past five trading days, there was a large net outflow, with a net outflow of 16.6794 million yuan, and short-term selling pressure may be large. Statistics show that as of June 30, 2021, the high beam software closed at 7.91 yuan, an increase of 10.84% compared with 7.14 yuan at the end of 2020 (the former resumption price).
        On February 5, the lowest price of Yuanguang software in the session was 5.95 yuan, and the stock price hit the lowest point in the first half of the year. On June 29, the stock price reached the highest of 8.53 yuan, and the highest point reached 19.52% compared with the beginning of the year. Yuanguang software is expected to disclose the interim report on August 26, 2021. Our reporter has noticed that its mid-term report in 2020 shows that its blockchain business income was 0 at that time. At that time, Yuanguang software said in the announcement, "the main reason is that due to the impact of COVID-19, the customer's project initiation time was delayed in the first half of the year, and the project initiation and bidding of projects under construction were relatively delayed. The revenue will be reflected in the second half of the year." Therefore, its semi annual report in 2021 may achieve a substantial year-on-year growth.
        The main customers of Yuanguang software are concentrated in the enterprises under the State Grid, such as State Grid Shanghai electric power company, State Grid Hunan electric power company, State Grid Shandong electric power company, State Grid Henan electric power company, State Grid Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd., State Grid Shandong Heze Power Supply Company and state grid Shandong Zaozhuang power supply company, which are mainly applied in the fields of data storage, energy trading and supply chain finance. According to tianyancha data, among the top ten shareholders of Yuanguang software, the top two shareholders are companies under the State Grid, namely, State Grid e-commerce Co., Ltd. and State Grid Electric Power Development Co., Ltd., holding a total of 19843.5 million shares, accounting for 19.52% of the total outstanding shares. In addition to the shares of chairman Chen Lihao, the shares held by the two major shareholders exceed the total of the remaining seven of the top ten shareholders.
        The huge business system of the state grid provides Yuanguang software with unparalleled advantages over other blockchain technology enterprises. As one of the A-share listed enterprises in the blockchain concept stocks, Yuanguang software is one of the few enterprises that considers blockchain as a separate business income in its annual report. However, in August 2020, the State Grid established a special blockchain company & mdash& mdash; State Grid blockchain Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. may have a great impact on the business development of Yuanguang software. In the recent interactive exchange of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, many investors asked about the progress of the blockchain business of high beam software. One investor asked: "does the photovoltaic roof need the company's distributed blockchain software technology to be connected to the power grid?" Secretary Dong replied that the company has participated in the pilot project of "blockchain based distributed photovoltaic settlement" of State Grid Shanghai power.
        As for the relationship with Chang'an chain, Yuanguang software said that the company's blockchain technology is mainly reflected in the application scenarios and has no direct competitive relationship with Chang'an chain. It is reported that the "Chang'an chain" cooperated by the micro chip Institute and the digital currency Research Institute is the first independently controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China released in January 2021, with a transaction processing capacity of 100000 TPS, equivalent to 100000 transactions per second. In recent years, the blockchain business has become a new profit point of Yuanguang software and the key to the business transformation. And whether it can jump out of the big backer of the Internet is also a problem that the high beam software has to consider at present.
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