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British media focus on the Chinese government promoting the development of blockchain Technology: ensuring economic and national defense security

Time : 29/05/2022 Author : 41yzq3 Click : + -
        According to British media, the Ministry of industry and information technology of China (MIIT) has listed a laboratory dedicated to blockchain technology in the list of some of the most important research institutions of the Ministry for the first time. According to the report on the website of Jane's Defense Weekly on August 16, the list of "key laboratories" of the Ministry of industry and information technology (which carry out research in fields closely related to national defense and national security) covers aerospace, space, control systems, electromagnetics, communications, big data analysis and 3D printing. According to the report, these laboratories are also connected with national defense through the State Administration of Defense Science, technology and industry, which is China's main defense science, technology and Industry Department. According to the report, a new list of research institutions released by the Ministry of industry and information technology on August 13 includes "key laboratories of the Ministry of industry and information technology on blockchain technology and data security".
        According to the analysis of the report, while the laboratory was established, the Chinese government expressed its intention to accelerate the development of blockchain technology in the country by establishing a stronger ecosystem. This ecosystem can support all fields including national defense and national security. The report noted that in order to outline these plans, the Ministry of industry and information technology published an article on its website in mid July, calling on the whole industry to strive to develop what it called "key core technologies", including blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, quantum communication and new materials to ensure China's economic security and improve national defense capabilities.
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