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Barriers to data sharing? See how the world's first blockchain machine solves enterprise "pain points"

Time : 11/09/2021 Author : j9ie6n Click : + -
        At present, the world is still working together to combat COVID-19. However, the traditional medical service system can not guarantee the privacy and security of health data due to problems such as cross medical data cannot be shared and the risk of patient case data leakage. The successive shopping carnivals in the major e-commerce industries often face a crisis of trust from consumers & hellip& hellip; In the Internet age, all walks of life have higher and higher demands on the storage security of electronic data and user privacy. As a shared database, the blockchain has attracted the attention of many enterprises and institutions because the data information stored in it is non forgeable, traceable, open and transparent, and collective maintenance. They have expressed the urgent need for such technology to solve the current problems.
        However, the technical white people can only be daunted by the complex chain technology operation, which has become a pain point for many enterprises. On June 10, Beijing beixinyuan Software Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Ancun Network Technology Co., Ltd. announced the official launch of the world's first blockchain machine. It can help enterprises and institutions simply put data on the blockchain, store certificates in real time, and link to the judicial chain to realize the judicial settlement of various disputes. Because of the innovative hardware chain design, the blockchain machine has greatly reduced the chain entry threshold of enterprises and institutions. On June 16, cnisa, the world's top 500 publisher, released the global list. The blockchain machine jointly launched by beixinyuan and Ancun technology received high attention. Ancun technology also won the title of China's top 10 blockchain.
        Due to its decentralized, distributed accounting, non tamperability, traceability and other characteristics, the blockchain has a natural and solid trust foundation. It is extremely suitable for electronic data storage and fidelity, and helps to solve various problems caused by the disappearance and tampering of traditional electronic data. It is especially suitable for applications in fields with high requirements for electronic data storage and traceability, such as space satellite launch, government regulation, agricultural product traceability, financial transactions Supply chain finance, logistics, etc. The blockchain technology only links the hash value through the hash algorithm without accessing the original data, which solves the privacy problem most concerned by various institutions and enterprises, thus becoming the best solution for electronic data storage.
        It is understood that based on the current situation of the blockchain and the judicial requirements, the blockchain machine creatively uses hardware directly as a node and serves as a gateway connecting the enterprise and the underlying technology of the blockchain, to improve the ease of use of the blockchain and realize simple chaining. Through hardware encryption and hardware physical attributes, the main information identification function, geographical location and other information are linked and matched as elements. If the main information does not match, the information is transmitted to the blockchain machine. The current GPS / BeiDou chip has inconsistent longitude and latitude, and the blockchain machine is unavailable. The two technical highlights solve the problem of node trustworthiness and ensure that the data information is authentic and cannot be tampered with before and during the transmission process. Hardware encryption is more secure.
        The blockchain machine uses a hardware password card, which meets the requirements of the State Password Bureau. The encryption speed is faster than software encryption, and the network security level is higher; At the same time, it also ensures data security through data desensitization, national secret algorithm, privacy smart contract and other multiple ways. For example, the privacy and security of health data in the medical and health industry can also be effectively guaranteed. Enterprises can be easily linked. The blockchain machine is a hardware product. What you see is what you get. It only needs to be deployed in the machine room of the enterprise. It does not need to build a blockchain. It can be directly linked without manual operation. It is very simple and fast. Electronic data. In the process of data uploading, the blockchain machine will not only record the time of data generation with time stamp, but also record the latitude and longitude of the data generation server, that is, prove the authenticity of the data in both space and time dimensions. The blockchain machine can also identify the amount of data generated through the temperature change of the machine, so as to ensure the authenticity of the data in more dimensions.
        One click access to justice and cross chain. Blockchain machine data can be synchronized across the chain to the courts, arbitration, notarization, authentication and other judicial institutions or judicial chains to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the data from a judicial perspective. Once a dispute occurs, it can also be resolved through judicial channels in a timely manner. Beixinyuan, the leader of China's terminal management security market, is a key software enterprise within the national planning layout and one of the first listed companies in China's information security field. According to statistics of CCID, China Computer Users Association and other authoritative departments, beixinyuan terminal security management products have maintained the first market share in China's terminal security management audit and mobile storage media management for four consecutive years. In the field of information security, a new generation terminal security management system of "three vertical and four horizontal" has been built.
        It has won the national science and Technology Progress Award and other honors issued by the State Council for many times. This cooperation with the leading security technology in the electronic data storage industry brings infinite possibilities to the application prospects of blockchain machines due to the hard core strength of strong alliance. Due to its strong technical strength, the blockchain machine can easily realize the node chain. The machine itself is a physical carrier and does not need to pass through the network. As the users of blockchain machines are the main body of enterprises, they can directly correlate the data on the chain, and the major users can prove each other. In addition to its hereditary security, it also has higher deployment efficiency, powerful compatible uplink function and personalized configuration according to customer needs. It is highly praised in the initial feedback of the market.
        As the world's first fidelity system serving digital infrastructure, the blockchain machine can be applied to all fields of social construction, in addition to being used in the fields of medical care, Internet of things and logistics express related to the daily life of ordinary people. Such as the storage and traceability of space satellite launch data, environmental protection data monitoring and storage, financial identity authentication and transaction records and other business process records, and various popular applications such as intellectual property, smart city, administrative office, public services, real estate construction and small and medium-sized enterprises. The relevant person in charge of beixinyuan said that as an important direction of new infrastructure construction, beixinyuan will continue to optimize the application conditions of blockchain technology in various fields, use blockchain technology as the underlying support, reduce the social credit cost, create a prosperous industrial intelligence ecosystem on the chain, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of a sustainable Internet legal ecosystem.
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