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Easy fundraising deep blockchain engineers were invited to participate in tech and Neo salons to share blockchain deep practical experience

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        On April 21, 2018, the 20th technology salon with the theme of "techneo" hosted by 51CTO was held as scheduled. The purpose of the event was to open the mysterious veil of the blockchain, investigate the technical logic behind it, and interpret the application scenarios. The event invited guests such as Shanshan entertainment, and easy chip to share their technology. Zhang Yangyang, a senior blockchain technology engineer from easy chip, shared with the participants on the theme of "interpretation of Ethereum's consensus algorithm" and introduced the deep practical experience of easy chip in taking the lead in implementing blockchain technology in the industry. Zhang Yangyang once worked in 360 and Didi, and now he is a senior blockchain engineer of the easy chip sunshine chain. This speech was introduced by Zhang Yangyang in terms of blockchain overview, consensus algorithm overview, POW and POA details.
        Zhang Yangyang said that the difference between blockchain distributed ledger and traditional ledger is as follows:. It is reported that in July 2017, easy chip introduced blockchain technology and launched the "sunshine Public Welfare Alliance chain" with six foundations. Yang Yin, co-founder and CEO of easy chip, said that blockchain has solved the most important link in the fund-raising process: trust with scientific and technological means. Relying on the open, transparent and tamper proof characteristics of the blockchain, we create an open and transparent fund-raising environment. Through the blockchain technology, the effective operation of users in the products under the easy chip group will be recorded throughout the whole process, and every donation and support can be traced like a "love package".
        For example, users can track whether their donations have reached hospitals or patients; If the foundation and other public welfare organizations also access the "sunshine chain", you can see whether the foundation has allocated funds or whether the public welfare services have been implemented. Once the records can not be tampered with. The application of blockchain technology to Internet public welfare by easy financing not only makes donors and supporters feel more at ease, but also makes the public welfare environment more open and transparent, effectively stimulating citizens' public welfare enthusiasm. With continuous exploration in the technical field and meticulous and thoughtful services, the number of registered users in the world has exceeded 550 million, and the number of independent paid users has exceeded 450 million. It has raised more than 20 billion yuan for more than 1.6 million seriously ill families, becoming the largest health protection platform in China.
        Some people say that the blockchain is expected to become the next generation Internet, which will transform the social production relations. 2018 will be the key year for the gradual maturity of the blockchain and the implementation of the business scenario. Relying on its continuous exploration in the field of science and technology, easy chip has taken the lead in implementing blockchain technology in the industry, directly addressing the pain points of the industry with technical means, setting an example for the development of the industry, and gaining recognition from all walks of life. We need more such down-to-earth enterprises, and we need to see more blockchain applications in real scenarios. We also believe that as blockchain technology enters a mature stage, blockchain will surely bring new technological revolution. 51CTO started to hold a technology salon with the theme of techneo in 2016, which means to provide a high-quality offline platform for it technicians to learn and exchange. Currently, it is only limited to Beijing, and the cycle is once a month. Each issue focuses on a topic, involving artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, Internet of things and other technical fields.
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