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Can blockchain also be applied to pig breeding? New hope: technology is not suitable for disclosure

Time : 31/10/2021 Author : au6zbj Click : + -
        At present, blockchain technology has been applied in the field of electronic invoice in Shenzhen, and is also being tried in other industries. Video screenshot the Red Star News reporter noticed that the 2019 golden Qilin. The Red Star News reporter noticed that at the 2019 Jinqilin forum held in Beijing on November 28, Liu Yonghao, chairman of new hope group, also talked about "pig raising by blockchain", which quickly attracted media attention. He said, "pig raising is too traditional for everyone. In the past, native people used to raise pigs, and farmers also raised pigs. In fact, pig raising today looks completely out of place. We have many new technologies and technologies, such as Internet of things, Internet, big data, pig face recognition, and even blockchain, which may be used to raise pigs.
        ”。 So how does new hope use blockchain technology to raise pigs? In this regard, the Red Star News reporter contacted the brand Department of new hope group, and its staff said that the company does use blockchain technology and is also related to pig raising, but we don't want to be too detailed. "The technology may not be suitable for disclosure during patent application or research stage. If detailed information needs to be disclosed, the announcement of the listed company shall prevail." The person in charge of a blockchain education and training institution in Chengdu told the reporter that the application of blockchain in pig breeding may be to do anti-counterfeiting traceability on the feed that is contacted, and make anti-counterfeiting marks on the slaughtered pigs, "but these are all part of the icing on the cake.
        ”。 Yao Xiang, a blockchain expert, believes that although the blockchain does not seem to have much to do with pig breeding, the breeding industry also involves the supply chain, and there are problems related to supply chain finance. "Secondly, the relevant certificates in the breeding process can be stored using the blockchain to improve the public reliability. Of course, the blockchain technology can also improve the industrial transparency and increase the industry exposure from the marketing perspective.".
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