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The world's first blockchain talent report was officially released. Ouyi, OKx, LinkedIn, Web3, current situation

Time : 05/09/2021 Author : i9y4jo Click : + -
        On August 5, the online media conference of "2022 global blockchain talent report - Web3 direction" jointly produced by Ouyi OKx and LinkedIn was successfully held. Many scientific and technological media and crypto media witnessed the release and interpretation of the Web3 talent report. According to the report, at present, the total number of talents in the global blockchain field has increased by 76% year-on-year, of which the growth rate of test engineer talents is the highest, reaching 713%. The United States, China and France are the top three blockchain talent demand countries in the world. The proportion of financial talents is the highest, and the demand for R & D, information technology and other technical talents is strong and the gap is the largest. The overall master's degree accounts for 40%, and the education level of talents is generally high.
        SRC = at the online media conference, Andy, head of overseas recruitment operations of LinkedIn headofmarketing and Ouyi OKx, interpreted the Web3 talent report. LinkedIn interprets the development of the blockchain industry from the perspective of a job search platform. Ouyi OKx interprets Web3 talents from the perspective of employers. The global talent growth in the blockchain field is strong, the demand for core talents has shifted from financial oriented to technical talents, and the education requirements of blockchain enterprises are improving. In addition, Andy, head of overseas recruitment and operation of Ouyi OKx, wrote in the interpretation of global Web3 talent trends: how does Ouyi accelerate talent attraction In the keynote speech, it was said that the basic principle of OKx in talent construction came from jobs: you must start from the customer experience and then return to the technology itself, not the opposite.
        Ouyi OKx starts with a deep understanding of the talent market and then returns to the system and rules to improve the adaptability of enterprises and talents. Within Ouyi OKx, it promotes full autonomy, rejects top-down cultural indoctrination, advocates global participation, breaks down cultural barriers, respects each other, and develops a unified global cultural outlook. SRC = the media participating in the meeting also raised questions about how Ouyi's talent concept was refined. Okxhrdcindy, as a special guest, gave a detailed answer. She said that as a technology driven company, Ouyi OKx has always adhered to the enterprise value of continuous innovation and has been committed to bringing better user experience through technology and products. Therefore, product and technology R & D posts are our recruitment focus.
        In terms of international layout, the employees of Ouyi OKx are distributed in more than 50 countries and regions. 80% of the employees are 23-28 years old, and there are more than 10 different religious beliefs. OKx respects cultural differences, such as the localization of welfare treatment mechanism. At present, about 40% of the global leadership team of Ouyi are female employees, which is higher than the industry average. In addition, Ouyi OKx has always adhered to the five basic laws of team first, integrity oriented, embracing change, self driving and overcoming difficulties in team building. These five basic laws are in the same strain as the enterprise culture of continuous innovation advocated by Ouyi OKx. With the Internet giants and crypto waves laying out Web3 one after another, the competition for talents has also become white hot.
        In the Web3 wave, what kind of talents do enterprises need In the round table discussion session, tree, a senior researcher of Ouyi OKx Research Institute, said that the blockchain industry involves many disciplines such as finance / Economics / Sociology. For talents, it is very important to maintain an empty cup mentality and continuous learning ability; For those who enter the workplace after 00, they need to have an internal drive for continuous learning. Xmei Lin, the marketing director of bitmainland, said that after 00, people live in the Web3 era and are becoming the main force of Web3. On the day of the coin circle and the crypto circle of the Internet, Web3 gives more opportunities and future to the people after 00. They need to have the thinking mode of Web3, understand the decentralized Web3 world, and be psychologically prepared for changes in the development speed of Web3.
        Mandy, head of Chinese online recruitment, said that when global capital and talents are entering Web3, it is becoming a new wave in the market. Internet enterprises have also started the transformation of Web3, and more and more web2 talents are flocking to Web3. For any industry, talents are the core driving force, especially in the developing Web3 field. Talents are the source of continuous innovation. As a leader in the industry, Ouyi OKx hopes to systematically sort out global talents through this report and provide a reference guide for talents and enterprises entering Web3. It is not only a reference for the future of Web3, but also reflects the industry responsibility and original intention of the leader.
        In the first half of the year, although the car market was still deeply affected by the epidemic and the chip crisis, the recovery of China's car market was also visible under the effective domestic response; Therefore, today we will take stock of the heavy new cars that were launched in the first half of this year.
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