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Giant whale digital, NFT art, blockchain and NFT? Risks and challenges coexist

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : noq7r5 Click : + -
        We all know that NFT is a non homogenous token. It is the anti-counterfeiting certificate of the originator. It is indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. The blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger. Decentralization means that the roles of "intermediary" and "intermediary" are no longer needed, but the main bodies of both parties of the transaction are directly connected. The distributed ledger abandons the traditional bookkeeping method and allows each participant to keep accounts and supervise transaction records. First of all, NFT uses the blockchain to confirm rights, obtain identity, and confirm the copyright of every unique thing. NFT is widely used as a new way to create digital art, which can be art, music, video, etc. these works on the chain generate unique marks through blockchain technology, thereby authenticating the ownership of the owner. It provides a new way to confirm the ownership.
        Secondly, NFT is based on the blockchain technology to regulate every transaction. When NFT is released, the works will have different serial numbers on the chain. NFT is scarce and won the public's love. At this time, a transaction occurs, and during the transaction process, the transaction information of the unique right certificate will be recorded in the distributed ledger of the blockchain to achieve traceability, that is, every transaction is open and transparent. Moreover, NFT carries forward the core advantages of blockchain. Based on the characteristics of NFT, we know that everything can be NFT. NFT can be video, virtual real estate, images, etc. In other words, NFT can be bound with real-world goods.
        From this perspective, it can land the digital assets on the blockchain in the real scene and realize the interconnection between the digital world and the real world. Finally, NFT is the power confirmation revolution of the meta universe. Digitization and virtualization must be the general trend of mankind. Blockchain is providing guarantee for the economic system of the meta universe, accelerating the construction of the meta universe world, and realizing the economic interconnection between the real world and the virtual world. The NFT based on the blockchain can help confirm the rights of the virtual digital economy in the meta universe and determine the social stability in the meta universe. The separation between the blockchain environment and the real environment has created the problem of original confirmation of rights, and the anonymity and irrevocability of the blockchain environment have also caused the problem that it is difficult to stop infringement.
        The NFT's "smart contract" may also conflict with the actual laws and regulations. "Smart contract" is similar to the "format contract" in the real world, but in the NFT environment, the buyer can only choose to accept or not to accept it, and it is difficult to communicate, negotiate and negotiate with the seller. Once the transaction is generated, the "smart contract" will come into effect. This speed is often too fast for people to cope with, and there is no remedy. The blockchain culture has always said that "blockchain is the law", and the past development can be said to be "a place outside the law" to a certain extent. To extend the legal and rights effectiveness of the real world to the blockchain field, a lot of connection work may be required.
        Some insiders believe that if the private blockchain set up by a single Internet enterprise is connected with the real name database, it is not difficult to trace the identity of the actor on such a chain. NFT acts in the virtual world, but people from the real world are still active in the virtual world. Although the transfer of NFT's property rights is intangible, those who pay for the intangible transaction are still those who care about the real interests. The future of NFT is inseparable from the design rules of intellectual property system in the real world. Whether it can become a "digital asset rights confirmation scheme" depends on its adaptation to the real rules. Go back to Sohu for more information.
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