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"Culture and art chain" was released in Beijing, officially launching the digital art and blockchain Laboratory

Time : 17/05/2022 Author : slwtg0 Click : + -
        Chinanews, Beijing, August 6 (reporter Ying Ni) on August 5, the new infrastructure of cultural digitization strategy and the ecological construction of cultural and art chain, sponsored by the art development center of the Ministry of culture and tourism and Shanghai zero number Technology Co., Ltd. and undertaken by the digital art and blockchain laboratory, was held in Beijing. Yao Youchao, director of the art development center of the Ministry of culture and tourism, said that the art development center of the Ministry of culture and tourism is mainly responsible for art service, art popularization and art application research. Based on the love of art and technology, the art development center and zero science and technology jointly promote the integration of digital technology and culture and art, and made initial achievements in the integration of blockchain technology and visual art application scenarios.
        Marked by the release of today's "culture and art chain", the digital art and blockchain laboratory was officially launched. The main responsibilities of the laboratory include serving the national strategy, gathering all forces, adhering to innovation driven, building a good ecology, and making due contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the culture and art industry. 20 main chain node units of the "culture and art chain" jointly participated in the "culture and art chain launching ceremony". Fei Xinbei, academic member of the digital art and blockchain laboratory, delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that the essence of digital art is the result of "the integration of culture and technology". The digitization, digitization, intellectualization and intellectualization of the cultural field are the main ways to popularize and promote culture in the future. The next step will be to promote the healthy development of technology collection, application innovation, standard formulation, cultural trends and value concepts.
        As a representative of artists, Professor Fei Jun of the Central Academy of fine arts believes that blockchain technology, as a new technology form, will become the infrastructure for building the meta universe, and the Internet technology innovation represented by blockchain technology and the arrival of the meta universe era will certainly bring changes to the art ecology and art practice. "Culture and art chain" will become an important infrastructure for the integration of art and science and technology, and will also vigorously promote the development of digital cultural industry. Wang Zhong, director of the digital art and blockchain laboratory, said that the "culture and art chain" led by the laboratory is an important underlying infrastructure for the confirmation and transaction of visual art digital assets in the meta universe. From digital infrastructure to digital application scenarios, the laboratory will provide platform services for the managers, developers, creators and operators of digital culture and art around visual art Web3.0, and carry out academic research and relevant product incubation in the form of independent and open topics.
        The "Digital Art Biennale" was released at the meeting. The art development center of the Ministry of culture and tourism will cooperate with the main chain node units of the "culture and art chain" to promote the holding of the "Digital Art Biennale", and comprehensively present the art creation of the new era through the holding of the Biennale. The Expo to be held in the same period will be a comprehensive Industrial Expo for related enterprises of yuancosmos to show their brand image and cooperation needs. The conference was held in the form of "offline conference + online platform live broadcast", and representatives from the government, industry research institutions, cultural enterprises, science and technology enterprises, media and artists attended. (end).
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