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In 2020, the number of blockchain patent applications in China was 8623, which was basically the same as that in 2019

Time : 10/08/2021 Author : xk6old Click : + -
        Padata reported on January 19 that according to the statistics of the third-party patent search website soopat, the number of blockchain patent applications in China in 2020 was 8623, which was basically the same as the number of 8614 in 2019. From the perspective of patent applicants in 2020, Alipay is the main body applying for blockchain patents, with a total of 558 related patents, accounting for about 6.47%. Second, it is particularly noteworthy that Ping An company attaches importance to blockchain patents. Among the top 10 subjects in the year, 5 companies, including Ping An technology, Ping An International Smart City, one account link, Ping An Property Insurance and Ping An Life Insurance, applied for 1408 related patents, accounting for about 16.33% in total.
        In terms of the fields of blockchain patents in 2020, g06f, g06q and h04l are still the three fields with the largest number of applications (including repetitions), especially g06f and g06q, with the number of applications reaching 5288 and 4037 respectively. According to the interpretation and subordinate classification of the Patent Office of the State Intellectual Property Office on the technology sub category, the patents of the above three sub categories mainly point to data processing and communication technology, which continues the trend of increasing emphasis on data processing related fields in China's blockchain technology patents since 2019.
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