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With the Spring Festival approaching, can blockchain technology improve the problems faced by the aviation industry

Time : 16/02/2022 Author : r3v15h Click : + -
        Accenture, a multinational information management consulting company, reported that the aviation industry has huge management data, cumbersome operation steps and complicated requirements, but since the blockchain technology, the management of the aviation industry has become much easier. Blockchain technology is different from traditional technology, mainly because it is inclusive and can be perfectly integrated with other technologies, and the services provided by blockchain technology are long-lasting, stable and can be shared. The aviation industry and most tourism industries have one thing in common, that is, they all rely on the joint participation and cooperation of multiple enterprises. There are many enterprises related to the aviation and tourism industry. The whole process of customers from booking air tickets to arriving at the destination may involve online travel companies, government agencies, airlines, credit card companies, car rental companies, hotels, etc.
        These enterprises will have their own ways of collecting information, storing information and sharing information with other companies. Behind the perfect journey that every passenger has, we benefit from the dedicated service of various merchants. The entire aviation industry, from the passengers to the staff, has such a huge data system constantly operating, and the data exchange will be wrong if you are not careful. For airlines, it is very important to ensure the integrity of enterprise operations for enterprise profits. Data errors do harm not only to the enterprise itself, but also to the safety of tens of millions of passengers. Ticket: electronic ticket information is stored in the database, and the blockchain technology can effectively manage these information.
        With smart contracts, airlines can add business regulations and terms according to their own conditions. In this way, tickets of an airline can be sold simultaneously on multiple platforms. Points: according to the traditional points system, passengers' points can only be used when accumulated to the amount specified by the company, so the use of points is actually limited. Now, the blockchain technology marks different points, and there are many different prizes for passengers to choose in the user community. After passengers redeem points, they can get corresponding prizes in real time. Not only that, airlines also cooperate with multiple platforms. On these platforms, passengers can use these points as "coins" according to their own preferences and buy goods sold on these platforms.
        Security and identity authentication: data privacy is a particularly critical issue for passenger orders, flight information or crew information. If the data management is improper, it may endanger the personal safety of passengers and relevant staff. The blockchain technology can provide airlines with a more secure management mode, and promote the rational and effective sharing of resources through the information management requirements authorized by the blockchain technology. Aircraft maintenance: without the constraints of cumbersome databases and heavy documents, the block link technology can bring convenience to the maintenance of enterprises. It can ensure the legalization of the parts and components obtained by airlines, and create a stable "virtual copy" of each part and component on the aircraft, recording all staff involved in the maintenance and repair of these parts and components.
        This function of the blockchain technology pushes the maintenance of aircraft to a new level, and can guarantee the safety brought by the maintenance work to the greatest extent.
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