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Which cities and industries in China are leading in the core technology of blockchain? Phase 145 4

Time : 06/12/2021 Author : amqiws Click : + -
        [introduction] how to integrate blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and which enterprises are commonly used? On April 1, Cai Hengjin, Professor of the school of international software of Wuhan University, and Qu Lin, director of the blockchain industry center of the National Technology Transfer East Center, visited the 145 online Wenhui lecture hall, and launched a live video broadcast in Shanghai Yangpu, Wenhui newspaper and Tokyo. Nearly 4000 people participated. The sorted manuscript is now divided into five articles and published in the form of theme. This is the main part of the on-site interaction, focusing on how to apply the blockchain technology. For the rest, please see the link at the end of the article. Zhu Lei, a worker in the field of financial investment in Shanghai: among more than 3000 listed companies, more than 500 companies claim to be connected with the blockchain, but they are actually online.
        I have analyzed that there may be few hard core blockchain companies. Does this mean that the application of blockchain technology in China is relatively slow?. Cai Hengjin: this observation should be said to be accurate. Many companies claim to be related to the blockchain because they realize the importance of the blockchain, but in fact they cannot enter the field immediately, which is a very normal phenomenon. At the same time, due to the misleading "decentralization" of the early preachers of blockchain technology, people feel that it is difficult to apply it and it is not easy to realize it in the short term. However, if we only emphasize the two core values of blockchain, i.e. deposit and token, it can be used in many places.
        For example, blockchain can make management more precise and more adaptable to the rapidly changing scenarios in the future. Haier once wanted to change. They let internal employees form small units to sell or produce products in the form of small units, which can be achieved by using blockchain technology. Another example is Tencent, which has a "horse racing system". In short, the same product is completed by multiple teams at the same time, which can also be operated by blockchain technology. The technology can even be extended beyond the company to allow outsiders to compete. In fact, this is the directional issue in social governance and public health governance, that is, the focus of attention is the incentive of key technologies, key products or key scenarios.
        Therefore, almost every company can use blockchain technology. In addition, the blockchain technology is not to decentralize and deprive the original leadership transmission mode. On the contrary, this technology will make the leader more macroscopic, because he only needs to do the incentive in place; As long as resources are put in place, people with ability and resources can participate in it. This is not to say that China's development is relatively slow, but also abroad. Moreover, in terms of ideas, many foreign people have not evolved to the point of trying to subvert the original ideas, and they are still in the early stage, too idealistic. Our current thinking is more practical. We plan to gradually reach a consensus, and then gradually form a larger consensus, thus changing the consensus of the whole society.
        This is the difference between our thinking and that of foreign countries. Yu Weimin, manager of Shanghai Science and technology company: where is the national blockchain research center in China? Where are the industries and fields that can be expected in the future of China's blockchain application?. Qu Lin: in the two years of 2018 and 2019, blockchain research was conducted everywhere in various regions. There were not many particularly prominent regions, and several key research areas also appeared. For example, in Beijing, this is related to many factors such as the Internet technology industry and scientific research institutes, including the digital currency being promoted by the central bank, which may first appear in Beijing. For example, from the perspective of the government, Hangzhou should be the city with the fastest application and development of the blockchain technology industry. At the same time, Hangzhou is also the Internet industry center. Hangzhou was the first to establish a blockchain Industrial Park, and many blockchain enterprises settled in Hangzhou.
        For example, Shanghai has obvious advantages in internationalization, talent and financial center, so a large number of blockchain enterprise projects and R & D institutions have settled in Shanghai. For example, Hainan is positioned as a pilot port of free trade. The state has given great support to its industrial development policies, and enterprises in the field of blockchain personnel training and industrial application are gathered in Hainan. There is also Wuhan. As a central city in the central region, Wuhan also has a lot of blockchain related application research, including the application landing of some industries. From the perspective of the development of the blockchain industry, before 2018, blockchain technology will be applied more in the financial field or quasi financial field, and there are few application landing projects that are truly integrated with the real industry, or there are no ready-made applications with display.
        In the future, blockchain can be applied in many fields, such as public health, public governance, intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, artificial intelligence, commodity traceability, intellectual property, digital copyright, etc. I believe that after the technology development is relatively mature, we will have a deeper understanding of the blockchain technology and thinking, and the blockchain technology will be applied to all aspects of production and life, and even in all industrial fields. At present, it is difficult to say in which field blockchain applications will be particularly strong. Cai Hengjin: in fact, blockchain technology has played a role in many aspects. For example, Internet courts have begun to use blockchain technology to collect evidence.
        These may seem like a small start, but in fact they will soon expand the scope of application, because it will greatly improve efficiency. Another example is blockchain invoice, which seems to be a small application field, but everyone may use it. In addition, I believe that the most important industry in the future must be the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain. Because the blockchain is a distributed system, and some powerful artificial intelligence is also distributed, the two are closely related. These issues are discussed in detail in two books, blockchain: linking the intelligent future and human-machine intelligent integrated blockchain system. Of course, now all companies can apply blockchain thinking and technology from their own perspective.
        Shanghai investor Fu Simon: what are the advantages of the blockchain industry center in helping enterprises or industries apply blockchain technology? What are your suggestions for ordinary enterprises to apply blockchain technology?. Qu Lin: the eastern central blockchain industry center was established in May 2018. Its main functions are divided into five parts: blockchain industry college, industrial finance, industrial service, industrial scientific research support and technology transfer. The industrial center connects the industrial resources of the blockchain, carries out the practice and application of the industrialization of the blockchain, builds the big data platform of the blockchain industry, introduces key technologies, cultivates the blockchain industry, and realizes the goal of accelerating the development of industrial integration through the combination of blockchain frontier technologies and various application scenarios.
        We are mainly engaged in four aspects of work. Due to the relative lack of professionals in blockchain, from the perspective of platform, we first conducted the training of talents in blockchain, established the blockchain industry college, and opened the world's first business administration doctoral program (DBA) in the direction of blockchain and digital economy. The second is the industrial research of the blockchain. The blockchain Research Institute has been established to cooperate with different academic institutions and professional institutions to promote industrial application research in the fields of information communication, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet. The third is industrial investment. Any new technology and project needs financial assistance. The industrial center will set up some investment and innovation funds of blockchain to help the landing and development of blockchain projects.
        The fourth is the industrial incubation of the blockchain. The platform of the blockchain industrial center is not only a platform for technological innovation resources and technology transfer, but also a platform for industrial incubation. We hope that blockchain technology and projects can be better integrated with industry, and system incubation and rapid growth can be carried out on the platform. As for how ordinary enterprises integrate with the blockchain, there is "blockchain +". As an innovative technology, the blockchain itself needs to seek the integration point of the industry to take root. At the same time, we also need "+ blockchain". Many enterprises or projects in traditional fields, such as information communication and industrial Internet, can apply blockchain technology.
        At this stage, in the information and big data industries, enterprises with a high degree of digitization may have more applications to blockchain, while traditional enterprises are relatively few. It is believed that in the future, as long as enterprises using information technology, data and the Internet will widely use blockchain technology in the future. "2018 blockchain + industry integration development forum and the blockchain Industry Center Conference of the national technology transfer Eastern Center" was held in Lingang on May 25, 2018. Qu Lin: the research on blockchain itself is not simply defined by revenue or public welfare. As a new technology, blockchain can not only empower public welfare undertakings, but also have many application values in the commercial field.
        For example, some enterprises now use blockchain technology to transform and improve their industrial development capacity, which is profitable. Of course, during the application of blockchain technology, there are also applications in some public welfare industries, such as some public welfare funds, social donations and other projects, which can trace the flow and use of funds through blockchain technology. The topic we are talking about today is empowering the public health governance system with blockchain technology, which is an empowering public welfare undertaking. We can not simply distinguish whether blockchain technology is a public good or a profit. The technology itself promotes different fields. From the perspective of industrial research, we hope to apply new blockchain technologies to empower or promote the development of the whole public welfare undertakings.
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