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Analysis on the trading limit board on January 15: the concept of blockchain has cooled down, and 27 shares in the two cities have been trading

Time : 20/05/2022 Author : 2lbogk Click : + -
        On January 15, A-shares reappeared the February 8th trend, with heavy stocks such as insurance and banking showing strong performance, while the small and medium-sized enterprises with concentrated theme stocks plummeted, with chips, electronic payment, rare earth permanent magnet, 5g, coal, artificial intelligence and other sectors falling by more than 4%; The insurance sector rose by more than 3%, and the anti influenza and banking sectors rose by nearly 1%. Blockchain concept stocks dropped significantly today, with 90% of individual stocks falling. Only a few companies such as Xinchen technology, Kelan software and Shenzhen Technology rose. As of the closing, the Shanghai index fell 0.54%, the Shenzhen composite index fell 1.35%, and the growth enterprise market index fell 2.97%, hitting a new low in nearly five months. On the market, the insurance sector rose nearly 3%, the anti influenza concept and the banking sector rose nearly 1%; Chip, electronic payment, rare earth permanent magnet, 5g, coal, artificial intelligence and other sectors fell by more than 4%.
        There were 27 non-ST shares and non new shares in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Specifically, there were 18 new shares trading, accounting for 66.67% of the number of individual shares trading today. Most of today's theme stocks fell, and the concepts of anti influenza and natural gas showed relatively strong performance. Among them, three stocks in the natural gas sector rose by the limit, namely Xinjiang torch, Foshan Fuel Co., Ltd. and Guizhou gas. It is worth noting that Guizhou gas has been trading for 4 consecutive trading days. After excluding the secondary new shares with one word limit, 14 shares continued to rise in the limit stocks of the previous trading day. Among them, Jinghua new material has been trading for two consecutive trading days, xuanya international has been trading for three consecutive trading days, and Xinchen technology, Kelan software and Guizhou gas have been trading for four consecutive trading days.
        Since 2017, due to the intensive introduction of natural gas related policies, natural gas consumption has been significantly accelerated. Especially after the heating season in the north, the contradiction between supply and demand of natural gas has become increasingly prominent, and the crisis of "gas shortage" has broken out in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Since the middle of November last year, many regions in China have successively announced gas restriction policies, and the gas shortage areas are mainly Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other northern regions. Liu guangbin, natural gas industry analyst of Zhuo Chuang information, said that natural gas demand will still grow rapidly in 2018. Shenwan Hongyuan believes that the blockchain may enter the integration period in the future, and it is suggested to focus on companies with technical barriers and advantageous application scenarios.
        In terms of industrial trends, in 2018, it is suggested to pay attention to the specific promotion and development of cross chain exchange of digital assets, the development of alliance chain and private chain, the forms and supporting measures adopted by digital currency issuance in some national plans, and the layout direction of traditional giants. A high-quality blockchain application scenario needs to involve multiple trust entities. All parties need to cooperate in the form of trust intermediaries, and the cooperation entities need to have strong business relations. It is recommended to pay attention to the companies and teams with good reputation in the blockchain community that are grounded in business application scenarios, real customer needs, technical barriers, strong team execution and good reputation. Recently, all parts of the country have entered a high incidence period of influenza.
        Huajin Securities believes that with the large-scale outbreak of influenza this time, people pay attention to influenza prevention. At the same time, the health and Family Planning Commission has called on susceptible people to receive influenza vaccine in the influenza diagnosis and treatment plan (2018 version), and the number of influenza vaccines is expected to increase in the future. Taihe Group (000732) disclosed the announcement of stock price changes on the evening of January 14. The company's controlling shareholders and actual controllers have no major matters that should be disclosed but have not been disclosed, or major matters in the planning stage. The company disclosed the performance forecast on the same day. It is estimated that the net profit in 2017 will be 2.05 billion yuan - 2.38 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20.07% - 39.40%.
        Since the verification of the company's shares has been completed, the company's shares resumed trading on January 15. The restructuring plan of Sanhuan group, the major shareholder of Xiangyang bearing (000678), was released. The company announced on the evening of January 14 that after capital increase and share expansion and equity transfer, Jinhuang industry would hold 99.97% of the equity of Sanhuan group, and indirectly hold 27.93% of the shares of Xiangyang bearing through Sanhuan group. The actual controller of Xiangyang bearing was changed to Jia Zhihong. Before the restructuring, Sanhuan group has transferred 95% of the equity of Xiangyang bearing group to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Hubei province or its designated party. At present, Xiangyang bearing group still holds 18.09% of the shares of Xiangyang bearing and is the second largest shareholder of the listed company.
        The company's shares resumed trading on January 15.
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