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Huobi China will soon launch the blockchain baas platform to create an industrial application Ecological Cluster

Time : 29/07/2021 Author : hxwjtf Click : + -
        With the development of application scenario exploration, blockchain is expected to become an important engine for future industrial transformation. The baas (blockchain as a service) platform, as an important service form to accelerate the implementation of blockchain in various industries, especially the deep integration with entities, is becoming a trend. After a long time of preparation and polishing, Huobi China announced that it would launch the independently developed blockchain baas platform, which would be used as a carrier to create a blockchain industry application ecological cluster. Tencent Research Institute believes that 2020 is the year of integration of blockchain and industrial scenarios, which is expected to be implemented on a large scale. According to the report of IDC, an international authority, it is expected that the scale of China's blockchain market will increase to US $1.42 billion by 2022, with a compound growth rate of 72.60% in five years.
        It is predicted that the underlying technology of the alliance chain and the application scenarios of related industries will usher in a new round of rapid growth of market scale in the next few years. The market has increasingly recognized the functions and applications of blockchain, but the high technical threshold is becoming an obstacle to development. With the upsurge of blockchain, blockchain enterprises still face many problems in the application of technology, such as the standardization of blockchain technology and the complexity and slowness of blockchain business. Fan Jin, head of Huobi China industry empowerment center, said that the launch of Huobi China's baas platform can better provide one-stop "blockchain + industry" services for enterprise customers, and better and faster meet the customized needs of enterprise customers.
        With the continuous development and iteration of technology, the blockchain baas has gradually matured and has great advantages in system scalability, security, operation and maintenance management, etc. The baas platform launched by Huobi China is driven by customer demand and provides "standardized + customized" services; Pay attention to application and apply to ten application scenarios; Convenient, quick and one click deployment. These advantages can help enterprises to create, manage and maintain enterprise level blockchain networks and applications conveniently and quickly. Fan Jin introduced that in addition, Huobi China's baas platform has three major features in product design and planning. 1、 As one of the first member units of BSN, Huobi China's baas platform adapts to BSN's underlying framework standards, including: supporting national secret cryptosystem or non national secret curve elliptic cryptosystem specified by BSN; Multi application chain system supporting independent and privacy isolated transactions, consensus processing and storage of ledger, such as channel, group, parallel chain and sub chain mechanism; It supports seven major standards such as the SDK for organizing node management and gateway services in BSN city node units.
        2、 Cloud neutral deployment, high flexibility and applicability. Meet the requirements of users to freely choose cloud service deployment blockchain nodes, and support enterprise level users to deploy blockchains in public, private and hybrid clouds. This cross cloud networking capability makes the deployment of alliance chains more convenient and flexible. At the same time, the platform supports the deployment of alliance chains across regions, so that businesses can be deployed nearby, thus providing better service quality assurance and meeting the independent governance of various enterprise organizations in the business alliance. 3、 Ten standard application components to quickly and comprehensively build smart contracts. The baas platform is composed of functional modules such as supply chain finance, credit management, deposit management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, digital identity, smart contract library, data sharing, credit management, and asset certification, which can meet the diversity and complexity requirements of enterprise application scenarios.
        It is understood that Huobi China, as a leading enterprise in the blockchain industry, has made a comprehensive layout around the blockchain. At present, it has carried out blockchain enabling practice in many fields such as real estate, retail, FMCG, e-commerce, Internet of things, tourism and intellectual property protection. In the future, Huobi China will take the baas platform as an important support for the implementation of blockchain products and projects, continue to deepen the research on Key Technologies of blockchain, and continue to make efforts in subdividing application fields, so as to promote the industrial innovation of blockchain + and build a real industrial digital ecological environment.
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