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Headline | cooperative innovation, accelerating the improvement of the original innovation capability of the blockchain | Cai Jin at the 2022 China Industrial blockchain Conference

Time : 27/06/2021 Author : n8g96r Click : + -
        Good morning, everyone! I am very pleased to hold the "2022 China Industrial blockchain conference" in Nanjing. On behalf of the China Federation of logistics and procurement, I would like to welcome you and thank all sectors of the society for their support to the China Federation of logistics and procurement! During this special period, please take good care of yourself!. As an important underlying support technology in the digital economy era, blockchain technology plays an important role in promoting digital industrialization, improving and perfecting the digital economy governance system. The central and local governments are also constantly proposing various policies to support the development and application of blockchain technology. In the past year, the market scale of industrial blockchain continued to grow. According to the China Industrial blockchain development report (2022) prepared by the blockchain branch of CCPIT, in 2021, the number of blockchain enterprises increased by 42000, accounting for 42.7% of the total number. In 2021, the overall market scale of industrial blockchain was 231.79 billion yuan, an increase of 58.35% over 2020.
        At present, while the industrial blockchain is developing rapidly, it needs to be further improved in terms of social cognition, top-level design, technology development, application demand, safety and reliability. I would like to take this opportunity to give some insights and suggestions on how industrial blockchain technology can be better applied in combination with the business of China logistics Union for your reference. First, blockchain technology involves many professional fields, requiring experts from multiple industries to participate in cooperative innovation and accelerate the improvement of the original innovation capability of blockchain. We should rely on universities to build an industrial blockchain talent training mechanism, rely on enterprises to establish a blockchain open source community and development alliance, rely on industry associations to establish industrial application cases and demonstration transformation bases, actively carry out industry university research cooperation, and cultivate a good industrial blockchain development ecology.
        Second, accelerate the construction of the blockchain standard system and evaluation and certification. Standardize the blockchain product market through standardization, and promote technology landing and industrial development more efficiently. Third, actively explore the application scenarios of blockchain in the real economy. Accelerate the application of blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain, government affairs, finance, industrial manufacturing and other industries. Promote the large-scale commercial application of blockchain + real economy solutions. Our blockchain application branch has done a lot of work in case collection and promotion. We also hope that our member units and colleagues in the industry can continue to innovate and actively submit excellent cases, so as to publicize excellent experience and promote the progress of the industry.
        Fourth, accelerate the training of blockchain talents. Promote and support domestic key universities to set up blockchain related courses, pay attention to the professionalism of teachers and the effectiveness of curriculum research and development and training. Encourage enterprises, universities and industry associations to carry out relevant industry education integration and build a multi-level industrial blockchain talent training system. The blockchain application branch should also actively build a platform for talent training, so that more people who understand the industry can understand blockchain technology, and more blockchain technology practitioners can go deep into industrial practice. Fifth, promote the legal and compliance development of blockchain. Grasp the relationship between innovation and compliance. On the one hand, the development of industrial blockchain should comply with the relevant national regulations and truly and effectively promote the deep integration of blockchain technology and industry; On the other hand, as an important foundation for the future digital economy, it is necessary to allow people to try first and try new breakthroughs in appropriate areas and fields.
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