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Tong Zheng Tong Research Institute, blockchain industry weekly: how far is the bull market of the exchange?, two hundred thousand five hundred and twenty-four

Time : 27/05/2022 Author : mgp5bt Click : + -
        1. The user's direct or indirect use of the services and data provided by Huibo investment research information will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all the contents of this statement; If you have any objection to any terms of this statement, please stop using all services provided by Huibo investment research information. 2. Users need to know that the research report data is uploaded by netizens, and the ownership belongs to the uploaded netizens. Huibo investment research information only provides storage services. Huibo investment research information does not guarantee the legality, correctness, integrity and line of the data content If any unit or individual believes that the content provided by Huibo investment research information may infringe the copyright of a third party, it shall promptly submit a written notice of rights to Huibo investment research information, and provide identity certificate, ownership certificate and detailed infringement proof.
        Huibo investment research information will follow the guidelines on copyright protection complaints to handle the information content;. Special topic: how far is the bull market from the chaos of the exchange? Last week, CMC, a subsidiary of Bi'An, released the latest ranking of the exchange, and Bi'An ranked first, while its main competitor's ranking dropped significantly. This week, the article "Bi'An asset chain is suspected to be broken, and the super & lsquo; grey rhinoceros & rsquo; event is rising" has been wildly circulated on all major content platforms. Whether it is true or the competitor's counterattack remains to be verified. On May 16, bitmex, one of the world's largest crypto token derivatives exchanges, was charged with money laundering and blackmail. Its BTC futures position and trading volume continued to decline, and the leading position of BTC futures in the past was not maintained.
        The mainstream exchanges have frequently reported negative news, which has to a certain extent hit the confidence and enthusiasm of the market. Market: the market fluctuates slightly. The total market value of digital tokens this week was 262.14 billion US dollars, up 480 million US dollars or about 0.2% compared with last week; The average daily turnover rate was 46%, down 17.9% from last week. The current price of BTC was US $9182.6, down 1.6% this week, and the average daily turnover was US $37.6 billion. The current price of eth is US $207.17, with a weekly increase of 5.9%, and the average daily turnover is US $14.4 billion. The BTC balance of the exchange this week was 529000, a decrease of 4535 from last week.
        The balance of eth on the exchange was 14.721 million, a decrease of 101648 from last week. In the BICS secondary industry, the proportion of retail e-commerce industry increased significantly. Industry: blockchain has become a hot spot of the NPC and CPPCC. By 2023, the expenditure on blockchain solutions may exceed US $16 billion; Goldman Sachs will hold BTC meetings, and institutions or large-scale influx; JPMorgan Chase: CBDC will threaten US dollar hegemony. You can also manage your comments and scores in "my cloud notes" to facilitate your research and thinking and cultivate good thinking habits.
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