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Time : 02/07/2021 Author : 38sjyp Click : + -
        In addition to being used for virtual currency, blockchain can also be used in the financial field, digital currency, securities trading, fund management, customer credit and anti fraud, digital points, etc. At present, the utilization rate of blockchain in China is relatively high. Perhaps we heard the most before using virtual currency. Let's talk about how it is applied in the financial field. We all know that finance includes banking, securities and insurance. Many banking businesses need to use concepts to test the potential of blockchain. Insurance companies can also use blockchain to settle claims quickly and prevent money laundering and fraud. Therefore, the application of Solitaire is relatively wide. Second, it can be used for securities trading.
        Securities trading is mainly divided into three links. In these three links, the blockchain can organize business according to the actual situation. Second, asset management. Because the management of this industry is relatively macro, involves a lot of content and risks are relatively large, we can use blockchain technology to carry out reasonable control, improve the security system and reduce risks. What deserves our attention most is the credit information and fraud of customers. In today's society, many customers' credit records have been hacked, and many people have been cheated on the Internet. Therefore, many non-financial enterprises can also invest in this area if they are large enterprises. By integrating these technologies into our practice, we can prevent our customers and individuals from being cheated and legally protect our rights and interests.
        Finally, digital integration. In the current actual situation, there are serious problems in the credit system, the market policy is constantly changing, and the medical environment is relatively narrow. Our client's physical examination was very bad. We can establish a score system through blockchain technology, create a better atmosphere and improve the current situation of the industry. To sum up, in today's society, blockchain technology has provided us with a lot of help. We must make good use of this technology and apply it to all relevant industries, so that our industry can develop faster and protect the interests of the people.
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