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Today, "xiong'an resettlement fund management blockchain platform" was officially launched!,Androstamine blockchain management platform

Time : 24/08/2021 Author : q2a705 Click : + -
        On the afternoon of May 8, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC & mdash& mdash; ICBC Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ICBC technology") officially opened in xiong'an new area, signed a memorandum of financial technology cooperation with the reform and Development Bureau of the administrative committee of xiong'an new area, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Stock Exchange to jointly promote the research and development of cutting-edge technologies in the financial field. At the unveiling ceremony, the "xiong'an resettlement fund management blockchain platform" was officially put into operation. The platform will apply ICBC's blockchain technology to realize the whole process chain management of the acquisition and relocation of original files and the penetration of funds. "ICBC insists on leading bank reengineering with information technology reform and is committed to becoming the & lsquo; main force & rsquo; of financial technology;.
        ”Said Chen Siqing, Secretary of the Party committee of ICBC. In addition to settling ICBC technology in xiong'an new area, ICBC will continue to comprehensively deepen cooperation with xiong'an new area. In the future, ICBC will also set up "ICBC xiong'an digital finance laboratory" to better serve the construction of "digital xiong'an" and "smart xiong'an" in xiong'an new area. At present, ICBC has continuously broadened the "blockchain +" platform. The engineering fund management system developed by ICBC has been used in most projects of xiong'an group and its subsidiaries, including flood interception canal, Tanghe River pollution control, spring and autumn afforestation projects, covering more than 300 participating enterprises and more than 5000 participants in the new area. According to the data, ICBC Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and is also the first technology company established in xiong'an New Area in the banking industry.
        ICBC technology is mainly engaged in innovative research, software development, product operation, technical services and other businesses, and is committed to building a high-tech enterprise with service support, innovation leadership, ecological construction and capacity output, cultivating a team of learning, innovative and leading professionals, exploring the establishment of a salary and welfare mechanism and career development platform with certain industry competitiveness, and striving to build itself into a most compassionate The most dynamic and influential financial technology company. This article is uploaded and published by the author or organization of pengpai on pengpai news. It only represents the views of the author or organization, and does not represent the views or positions of pengpai news. Pengpai news only provides an information release platform.
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