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Blockchain technology studio,My world: crack down on all blockchains including NFT

Time : 23/05/2022 Author : p9su3l Click : + -
        In the near future, don't expect to buy crawler skin as NFT (non fungibletoken) and plug it into your minecraft server. Mojang took a firm stand on the relationship between this popular game and NFT and blockchain technology. The developer said in a statement: [to] ensure that minecraft players have a safe and inclusive experience, blockchain technology is not allowed to be integrated into our minecraft client and server applications, nor can it be used to create NFT related to any game content, including world, skin, character projects or other mods.
        It will update the game guide accordingly soon. Minecraft has a market where people can sell their works for others to use. Mojang pointed out that some companies have recently started to provide NFTs related to games. There are some NFTs related to minecraft skin packs and world files that people can buy. According to the studio, players may obtain minecraft NFTs through activities completed in the game or elsewhere. Mojang disagrees with these. It said: every use of NFTs and other blockchain technologies creates digital ownership based on scarcity and exclusion, which is inconsistent with the values of creative inclusion and common games of minecraft.
        NFTs are not inclusive to all our communities and create a scene of rich and poor people. Although minecraft server owners can charge access fees, mojang stipulates that everyone should have the opportunity to use the same functions and content. However, NFTs can create a pattern of scarcity and exclusion, which conflicts with our guidelines and the spirit of minecraft, the studio said. Mojang also expressed concern about the speculative nature of NFTs and pointed out that some NFTs were sold at artificial or fraudulent prices. Given that minecraft has millions of young players, it may not be a good appearance for the game to support NFTs.
        Mojang said: the speculative pricing and investment mentality surrounding NFTs have shifted people's attention from playing games to encouraging windfall profits. We think this is inconsistent with the long-term happiness and success of our players. The studio and its parent company Microsoft have every reason to be vigilant about NFT and blockchain technologies. First, the wider gaming community has had an overwhelming reaction to these technologies. On the other hand, the price of cryptocurrency has plummeted, and the NFT market has dried up. Even axiinfinity, the former leader in the blockchain game field, is also the target of a major hack attack (the victims suffered heavy losses as a result). Its daily number of players has plummeted by more than two thirds in the past few months.
        Some other major players in the game industry have distanced themselves from NFT and blockchain. Last October, steam banned games that enabled cryptocurrency and NFT transactions. Sony recently announced a Playstation rewards program that includes digital collections. However, it stresses that these cannot be traded and that the plan does not involve NFT or blockchain. However, mojang does not completely reject blockchain. The studio said it would monitor the evolution of the technology to determine whether it would allow a safer experience or other practical and inclusive applications in the game. Return to Sohu to see more.
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