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The first in China! Changyu teamed up with Tencent to create a high-end wine blockchain traceability platform

Time : 11/07/2021 Author : 12gtcp Click : + -
        July 30, Changyu & amp; The launching ceremony of Tencent blockchain cooperation project was held in Changyu Wine Culture Museum. Ma Bin, vice president of Tencent group, and Zhou Hongjiang, chairman of Changyu company, jointly represented Changyu & amp; Tencent blockchain cooperation project was launched. It is reported that this is the first time that the blockchain technology has been applied in the Chinese wine industry, and it has provided wings for the Second Entrepreneurship of Chinese wine. As a traditional consumer industry, the wine industry has fierce competition in the domestic and international markets. At the same time, there are a large number of fake and shoddy products in the market, which not only seriously damages the rights and interests of consumers, but also greatly affects the brand reputation of enterprises. How to carry out effective anti-counterfeiting traceability of products and strengthen consumers' trust in brands has become the main development direction of enterprise digital marketing in the future.
        According to Ma Bin, as a new generation of information technology, blockchain has the characteristics of distributed storage, data traceability, non tampering, openness and transparency. It actively applies blockchain technology in the wine industry and creates a trusted network information trust mechanism, which can effectively crack down on and curb counterfeit and shoddy behaviors, and accelerate the construction of internationally famous high-end brands of wine. As a leading enterprise in the domestic wine industry, Changyu has completed the digital transformation of planting, production, sales and management links, and has the information data base to establish the application scenario of blockchain traceability. Based on this, Changyu and Tencent have jointly created the first domestic high-end wine blockchain traceability platform, giving play to the demonstration and driving role of the industry's leading enterprises.
        It is reported that in the initial stage of this Changyu blockchain traceability project, the products of the seven major wineries in Changyu are mainly used. Based on the original anti-counterfeiting system of one object and one code, the efficient anti-counterfeiting mechanism of "one bottle and one certificate" is implemented. The blockchain traceability platform issues a traceability certificate for each bottle of wine. The certificate is recorded on the blockchain as the only "digital ID card" of the product. At the same time, a paper version of the blockchain certificate is provided for each bottle of wine, Consumers can verify the authenticity of certificates and traceability information through the blockchain. Through the multi-party consensus, open and non tamperable characteristics of the blockchain, the authoritative endorsement of the original "one object, one code" traceability information is carried out, which improves the credibility of the whole traceability ecology.
        At the subsequent Changyu & amp; At the media communication meeting of Tencent blockchain cooperation project, Sun Jian, general manager of Changyu Grape Wine Co., Ltd., said that the successful construction of Changyu blockchain traceability project will help build a trust bridge between Changyu and consumers and enhance the brand value of Changyu enterprises. As a brand owner, Changyu can clearly control the information of all links of production and circulation through the platform to improve the efficiency of production and operation management. For consumers, it can easily obtain the traceability information of the whole process of Changyu Wine from production to circulation through the platform, effectively avoid purchasing fake and inferior products, and improve the recognition of consumers to the brand. It is understood that the next step is Changyu & amp; Tencent will jointly create a domestic wine traceability ecosystem based on the advantages of the two sides in industry and technology. On the basis of the original Changyu blockchain traceability alliance chain, Tencent will take Changyu company as the management node and introduce the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, the municipal market supervision bureau, the liquor production and circulation supervision department, the customs and other departments as the supervision nodes to realize the government's penetrating supervision and service on the quality and safety of wine products, At the same time, relying on the authoritative endorsement of the regulatory authority, we will improve the brand credibility and brand value of Changyu Wine, promote the formulation of high-end wine traceability industry standards, help the platform gradually build from a single brand of Changyu into a domestic high-end wine blockchain traceability service platform, and enable the development of wine traceability industry.
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