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Vdax, the world's first security and token investment platform, shocked and launched, a new machine for digital currency investment

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        On October 16, 2018, the world's first securitytoken investment platform & mdash; Vdax () was officially launched. This platform is the first digital currency investment platform to support the use of usdt to purchase US and Hong Kong stocks. Vdax holds the license of Estonian digital currency exchange. Under the bear market, vdax has opened up new opportunities for digital currency investment. After ten years of development, After experiencing the "bitcoin centric digital currency 1.0 era" and the "digital asset and smart contract 2.0 era", "The online era is coming. At present, we are at the stage of the transition from 2.0 to 3.0 of the blockchain, building various applications within a large underlying framework, and creating a platform with zero trust cost, strong trading ability and extremely low risk, which can be used to realize the increasingly automated distribution of physical resources and human assets around the world.
        Token is the symbol of the blockchain 3.0 era and the value transmission carrier on the blockchain network. According to the CSRC, under the classification of practical tokens and securities tokens, all tokens except bitcoin and Ethereum have securities characteristics. The security token can realize the tokenization of traditional assets, and convert the copyright of equity, real estate property, gold, even art, music and other art works into digital security assets through smart contracts. This is STO, i.e. securitytokenoffering. It is against the background of the blockchain 3.0 era with sto concept as the main body that vdax came into being, and it has been standing at the forefront of the times and industry since its inception, becoming the world's first securitytoken digital currency investment platform.
        On the vdax platform, investors around the world can buy US stocks and Hong Kong stocks more freely. Compared with traditional securities investment, it is more convenient to invest in US and Hong Kong stocks through vdax, whether from account opening or trading, forming a crushing trend. In 2018, the whole currency circle was "cool", and the supervision of various countries became stricter. According to the data, in the first seven months of 2018, the price of bitcoin has plummeted by 45%. On August 14, the mainstream currencies fell sharply. The decline of eth in 24 hours was as high as 17.59%. The investment strategy team of Goldman Sachs said that the decline might be greater in the future, and the contraction rate of cryptocurrency was much faster than expected.
        Coinmarketcap data once showed that as of March 2018, the global 24-hour trading volume of digital currency was US $15.4 billion, down US $45.4 billion, or 74.7%, compared with the previous 24-hour trading volume of US $60.8 billion. According to incomplete statistics, there were about 247 kinds of virtual currencies that landed on the exchange after 2018, of which 87.5% were in the breaking state for a long time. Taking into account the currencies that actively lowered the price after landing on the new exchange, the long-term breaking rate was about 90%, and the average decline was about 53%. Xue Manzi once said, "the era of wild growth in currency speculation has passed.
        Bitcoin and digital currency are entering a bear market for more than half a year, up to two years. The bear market is coming, and many players are struggling to decide whether to exit or stick to it? However, it is not the best choice to exit or stick to it. It may be another harvest to invest in Hong Kong and US stocks. The emergence of vdax has opened up a new shortcut for the transition of digital currency investors. It is reported that as the world's first securitytoken investment platform, vdax will also provide sto services in the future, so that traditional securities such as profit distribution, dividend distribution, voting rights, asset-backed bonds, etc. can raise funds from qualified investors through non-public and public methods.
        As the winner of today's Toutiao Qingyun plan and baijiahao + plan, the author of the year of Baidu digital in 2019, the most popular author in the field of baijiahao science and technology, the author of Sogou science and technology culture in 2019, and the influential creator of baijiahao in 2021, he has won the best industry media person of Sohu in 2013, the Beijing season runner up of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015, the 2015 light experience Award, the third runner up of the finals of China new media entrepreneurship competition in 2015 2018 Baidu dynamic annual strength red man and many other awards.
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