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Development of smart contract DAPP system for IDO presale tokens

Time : 07/05/2022 Author : ode7rg Click : + -
        With the browser as the traffic portal, Web2.0 has been successful. How to make Web3.0 more popular, the browser is a good strategic choice. In this paper, V + syn520110 is edited, collated and released by system development. As the name implies, its main function is to directly access DAPP in the form of browser, so that DAPP can be used more conveniently. It serves as an entrance for users to interact with decentralized applications in the entire DAPP ecosystem. Compared with traditional browsers, the current DAPP browser is not an independent portal. It needs to be integrated or embedded in the digital wallet to provide users with an access to interact with DAPP.
        The traditional browser is an independent traffic portal in both the PC era and the mobile Internet era. Of course, blockchain brings value Internet. At the present stage, the carrying of value (token) needs to be transmitted through the wallet, and the wallet is the standard configuration of cryptocurrency holders. With the traffic entrance advantage of the wallet, DAPP can reach users more easily. What complements DAPP browser is its underlying network architecture Web3.0, which is completely different from Web2.0 based on traditional browsers in the information internet era. The emergence of blockchain technology, especially Ethereum, makes Web3.0 a basic network for value transmission based on blockchain.
        From the perspective of technical architecture, the architecture of Web3.0 is more complex. It adds the transmission of value (token) on the basis of traditional information internet. Web3.0 introduces web3.js. It communicates with blockchain nodes through RPC (remoteprocedurecall, which is a protocol that requests services from remote computer programs through the network without understanding the underlying network technology). It also needs to connect the front-end DAPP browser (DAPP front-end) and the underlying blockchain through the wallet, so as to realize the transmission of information and value (token) across the network.
        Then, after the user performs the recharge operation on the front-end interface, he needs to pass the recharge request to the coinbasewallet wallet through web3.js. After the user confirms in the wallet, the wallet will interact with the blockchain node through RPC calls. After the miner verifies the correctness of the transaction, he will package multiple transactions into a block, and then add the new block to the Ethereum blockchain. After the confirmation of N blocks, the recharge is completed. Finally, the information is transferred back to the DAPP browser ( front end) and stored in the background server. The information and value (token) are transferred.
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