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The digital collection is again in hot pursuit: the first digital collection of Zhengzhou Metro co signed by leisure couples is sold out in an instant!!

Time : 05/10/2021 Author : 6sr0zy Click : + -
        The IP image is consistent with "Yuan Xiaoyu". "Yuan Xiaoyu", as the mascot of the leisure couple app, integrates the trend, cool, future and science and technology in appearance, implying the vision of the leisure couple app towards the development of diversified scene applications, and also representing the ardent original intention of the leisure couple yuan universe to take root in Henan and love Henan. When users get the digital collection of Yuan Xiaoyu, they will also receive the Zhengzhou Metro co branded credit card with a value of 28 yuan. This is not only the collision and integration of the leisure couple and Zhengzhou Metro culture, but also the positive attempt of the leisure couple to open the door of the yuan universe, and also a new path of rejuvenation in brand marketing exploration. Digital collections, as a virtual digital commodity with limited distribution, include but are not limited to digital paintings, pictures, audio, video, 3D models and other forms.
        Each digital collection is mapped with a unique serial number on a specific blockchain, which cannot be tampered with, separated, or replaced. With its unique IP value, scarcity, sociality and other attributes, digital collections constantly stimulate generation Z young people to "circle fans", and snapping up digital collections has become a new fashion under the rush of trendy young people. The digital collection jointly issued by Xianlian and Zhengzhou Metro is based on the "ant chain blockchain" to provide low-level blockchain technology, trusted storage technology and digital commodity certificate technology services. Every NFT digital collection is subject to strict review by Xianlian. While ensuring the public consensus value of the digital collection, it also guarantees the scarce value of each NFT collection in terms of the number of issues, so as to create its own digital collection for collectors.
        In the future, leisure couple will bring more digital collections with collection value and trend attributes to users, continue to empower the digital collection track, and meet the new wave of the times with the vast number of digital collection enthusiasts!.
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