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Huobiwalletu, Tech China Aircraft Manufacturing "water test" blockchain Technology: optimizing the supply chain

Time : 28/01/2022 Author : 7nmrcq Click : + -
        Chinanews, Shanghai, February 26 (reporter Zheng Yingying) Wu Guanghui, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and chief scientist of COMAC, revealed in Shanghai on the 26th that COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SAIC") and Shanghai Shutu blockchain Research Institute are conducting demonstration research on the application of blockchain technology in aviation supply chain and other scenarios. COMAC is the main body to implement the major special large passenger plane project of China's large aircraft and the main carrier to realize the industrialization of China's civil aircraft; It undertakes the development and production of ARJ21 regional large passenger plane with independent intellectual property rights in China and the future China Russia long-range wide body passenger plane.
        On the same day, the 2022 Shanghai blockchain innovation promotion conference and major achievements conference were held in Shanghai. Wu Guanghui said at the meeting that the aviation industry is actively promoting digital transformation. COMAC has the foundation and mature experience of enabling aviation manufacturing industry with 5g, big data and artificial intelligence, and has established a relatively complete supply chain system. For the aviation industry, even a small part is "a trigger that affects the whole body", and the traceability of the supply chain is particularly important. The blockchain technology can solve the relevant key problems. Wu Guanghui said that in combination with the existing 5g industrial Internet identification analysis technology of COMAC and the characteristics of the blockchain such as non tamperability, full trace, traceability and efficient storage, the two sides aim to form a demonstration application of aviation product quality information and production logistics information, improve the fine management ability of the aviation supply chain, solve the problem of "data island" in the aviation supply chain, and avoid the problem of "one object with multiple codes".
        He said that this can also establish a benign and interactive product ecological chain management platform among upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain. He said that at present, COMAC has built four blockchain nodes using the company's internal network to complete the deployment of data uploading and data query smart contracts, and has carried out the uploading test using the collected locator transportation data of the middle body assembly line, with good results. (end). Previous: imtoken domestic download tutorial for Apple version must read 10 articles a week. What are the risks of bitcoin in the Russian Ukrainian war. Next: how to import token pocket into Huobi gold map the total pledge of Ethereum beacon chain exceeded 10 million eth.
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