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Create a blockchain industry highland! Three year action plan for the development of Chongqing urban block chain industry was released

Time : 05/03/2022 Author : pn5qlz Click : + -
        December 21, 2021 the future on the chain & middot; The 2021 blockchain industry development summit was held in Chongqing. Wu Yongjun, deputy director of the network and Information Office of Chongqing municipal Party committee, released the three-year action plan for the development of Chongqing urban blockchain industry (2021 & mdash; 2023) (hereinafter referred to as the plan). The technological innovation of Chongqing urban block chain is enhanced, the infrastructure is complete, the industrial ecology is complete, the application scenarios are rich, and the comprehensive competitiveness is in the first place in the country. Around the development of the "1 + 4 + n" blockchain framework system, create blockchain "famous products", "famous enterprises" and "famous parks". The plan proposes to build a national blockchain development pilot area and a blockchain technology R & D highland, institutional innovation highland, industrial cluster highland and Talent Gathering highland with national influence by 2023, providing Chongqing with exploration and contribution to the innovation and development of national blockchain.
        The plan proposes four major objectives. The first is the goal of technological R & D highland, which proposes to cultivate 5 & mdash; 10 blockchain enterprises with original innovation capability to build 1 & mdash; There were 2 open source communities, and the number of technical achievements reached the top ten in China. The second is the goal of institutional innovation highland, which proposes to introduce 5 & mdash; 10 special support policies for blockchain, and build and improve the blockchain policy guidance system. The goal of the highland of the tertiary industry cluster is to strive to incubate and cultivate more than 2 Unicorn enterprises in the blockchain industry, 30 small and medium-sized enterprises that are "specialized, special and new", and 100 upstream and downstream enterprises and supporting service institutions in the blockchain industry by 2023, to form the main body of the "2 + 30 + 100" blockchain market, and to build more than 2 national level blockchain industry innovation demonstration parks.
        The fourth is the goal of Talent Gathering highland. It is proposed to build about 10 blockchain talent training and training bases by 2023 to train more than 1000 blockchain composite talents. The plan also released six actions to promote the development of blockchain. Including independent innovation and breakthrough, industrial ecological construction, application demonstration and promotion, professional personnel training, security development guarantee and regional strategic cooperation. At present, the blockchain is profoundly changing production relations, restructuring the social credit system, and becoming an important driving force for the new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The fourteenth five year plan for national economic and social development and the outline of long-term goals for 2035 have made special arrangements for the development of blockchain, clearly pointed out that it is necessary to develop the key industries of digital economy represented by blockchain, and put forward the requirements of "focusing on the alliance chain to develop the blockchain service platform and the application programs in the fields of financial science and technology, supply chain finance, and government services".
        The introduction of the plan will help to ensure the innovation and development of Chongqing's blockchain industry and enhance the industry's leading power. It is of great significance in gathering talents, gathering famous enterprises and introducing living water. In terms of "politics, industry, learning, research and application", it will also attract multi chain enterprises to Chongqing, gather a large number of advantageous enterprises to form an industrial cluster, realize the development of clustered advantages, truly empower Chongqing and create a blockchain industrial highland and a smart city.
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