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In depth research of metauniverse industry: background, space and choice

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        Metaverse can be generally understood as a virtual world parallel to the real world. What people can do in the real world can be realized in the metaverse. "Meta universe" emphasizes the integrity of ecology and the subjective initiative of users. In other words, the user is not only a passive player in the "meta universe", but can socialize, play, create and trade according to personal needs like real life. Oasis, the virtual world in the first player, is generally considered as the final form of the metauniverse. Metauniverse needs the support of various technologies. The industrial chain of metauniverse can be divided into seven levels: 1) the experience level is the non-material experience such as social interaction, games and live music that we actually participate in.
        2) The discovery layer is a way for people to understand the experience layer, including various application stores. 3) The creator's economic layer helps the creator to make and monetize the achievements, including design tools and monetization technologies. 4) Spatial computing layer, 3D layer, including 3D engine, VR / Ar / XR, etc. 5) The decentralized layer, including edge computing and blockchain, helps the ecosystem build a distributed architecture. 6) Human computer interaction layer refers to the hardware layer, including mobile phones, smart glasses and other wearable devices. 7) Infrastructure layer, including network facilities and chips. Metauniverse is a virtual world realized by VR and other technologies, which can contain various scenes.
        Meta universe & ne; The game itself has a mission / purpose. Although the metauniverse itself can include goals similar to the game and some scenes are gamified, the metauniverse itself is not a game and does not revolve around specific goals. Realizable scenario: the metauniverse provides people with a virtual world in which they can live another life. In this world, there is a complete operating world system. People can carry out daily activities in a variety of scenarios. In addition to games, they can also carry out social activities, shopping, academic activities, leisure and entertainment activities, and even exercise in the meta universe through external devices such as treadmills. In the previous series of reports, we clearly pointed out that metauniverse is another ecological level main line in the A-share TMT field after "Hongmeng".
        In contrast, Hongmeng is a new engine of domestic basic software, and its commercialization ability is expected to lead the domestic software industry to establish a new software ecology. The trend of "ecological technology innovation" represented by "meta universe" can not be ignored. This subversive innovation is expected to breed a new trillion level ecological blueprint. From the perspective of splitting the industrial chain, we can summarize the industrial innovation links of the meta universe into the following four aspects: 1. The underlying architecture, such as blockchain, NFT, and virtual currency; 2. The back-end infrastructure, such as 5g, GPU, cloud, AI +, etc.; 3. The front-end equipment, such as AR / VR, intelligent wearable, etc.; 4. The scene content, such as immersive entertainment (games), virtual human marketing, military applications (map & amp; simulation), smart city (twin) Vertical applications such as industry / education / medical care / justice need to support the four major industrial links, and also need technological innovation of multiple types of computer software and hardware. The industrial landing process of "meta universe" needs the cooperation and support of multiple n types of computer cutting-edge technologies: 5g, SaaS, blockchain, computer vision, intelligent voice semantics, deep learning, intelligent terminals, 2b / 2C scene know-how and massive data.
        (report source: future think tank). The meta universe is an immersive virtual world close to the real world, and it is very important to build the corresponding economic system. We believe that the previous ordinary virtual world (online games, communities, etc.) has always been regarded as an ordinary entertainment tool rather than a real "parallel world". The main reason is that the assets of this kind of virtual world cannot flow smoothly in the real world. Even if players pay all their efforts to become the "winners" of the virtual world, it is unlikely that their status in the real world can be changed; In this kind of virtual world, the fate of the players is not in their hands. Once the operators close the "world", all the assets and achievements of the players will be cleared.
        We believe that the emergence and maturity of the blockchain will perfectly solve the above two points and allow the metauniverse to complete the evolution of the underlying architecture, which is an industrial link that is currently ignored by the market:. Blockchain can create an economic system that operates completely and links the real world in the metauniverse. Players' assets can be smoothly connected with reality. Blockchain is completely neutral and not controlled by a single party. Players can continuously invest resources. Tim Sweeney, creator of Fortress night and "father of virtual engine", said that blockchain technology and NFT are the "most reasonable way" to the emerging metauniverse (virtual world). Among them, the full name of NFT is non fungible token, that is, non homogenous token (bitcoin and other digital currencies are homogenous tokens). It is the only cryptocurrency token representing digital assets under the blockchain framework and will be the economic cornerstone of the meta universe in the future.
        NFT can be bought and sold like real assets, which ensures the effective confirmation of the underlying assets in the meta universe. In addition to frameworks and protocols, the underlying technical support also includes 5g, GPU, cloud computing, AI, computing power and network and other infrastructure covering software and hardware. Under the general trend of software defining everything, 5g, cloud computing, AI technology and other core technologies at the software level will become the key, driving the improvement of data volume / precision and boosting the implementation of the meta universe. According to the report of China Academy of information and communications, there are two technical paths for virtual reality: stand-alone intelligence and Internet connected cloud control. The former mainly focuses on the fields of near eye display and perceptual interaction, while the latter focuses on the streaming media service after the content is put on the cloud.
        In the future meta universe framework, the two will be organically integrated on the basis of 5g infrastructure, AI + & amp; Cloud resonance triggered the industrial leap. Recently, many innovative application directions of meta universe have emerged in the market, including but not limited to virtual human, military application (map & amp; simulation), smart city (twin), industry / education / medical care / justice and other vertical applications. In combination with the industrial landing process, we judge that the virtual human is the current expected poor track of metauniverse (the industrial progress exceeds the expectation). Definition: virtual human refers to the anthropomorphic image constructed by CG technology and operated in the form of code. Characteristics: 1) appearance and personality characteristics of the owner; 2) Have the ability to express through language, expression or body movements; 3) Have the ability to identify the external environment and interact with people.
        The virtual human industry has experienced four stages of development: the embryonic stage, the starting stage, the exploration stage, and the first stage of the growth stage (the embryonic stage): the concept of virtual human originated in Japan in the 1980s. In the early stage, 2D and 3D animation were used to display the virtual human image. 1) In 1982, Lin Mingmei, the heroine in the animation work fortress beyond time and space, became popular with her moving voice and pure character. The animation producer took advantage of the situation to sell the episodes in the play in the name of Lin Mingmei as an idol album. Therefore, Lin Mingmei became the world's first virtual singer and the world's first virtual person. 2) In 1985, a virtual character named Max headroom created by British George stone and others participated in a film and shot several advertisements.
        Virtual human & mdash& mdash; The whole process of virtual digital people. The industrial chain is divided as follows: upstream: companies producing content, tools and IP planning; midstream: virtual digital people manufacturers; downstream: application fields covering entertainment, cultural tourism, finance, education, medical care, government affairs, etc. Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. is a well-known intelligent voice and artificial intelligence listed enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. Since its establishment, the company has been deeply engaged in the research of core technologies such as speech and language, natural language understanding, machine learning reasoning and autonomous learning, and has maintained the international leading-edge technology level; Actively promote the research and development of artificial intelligence products and industrial application.
        From the perspective of ecological framework, the company currently focuses on the artificial intelligence industry ecology, forming three concentric circles: 1) core layer: Centering on "iFLYTEK Super Brain", the company's education BG, smart city BG, consumer BG, smart politics and law BG, smart medical Bu, smart service Bu, smart car Bu, operator Bu, industrial intelligence business department, etc. jointly build the core layer of iFLYTEK's artificial intelligence industry ecology. 2) Exploration level: in the exploratory direction, encourage the internal implementation of entrepreneurship mechanism and strategic cooperation mechanism, and promote the industrialization of artificial intelligence through the form of capital ties. 3) Development layer: focusing on the core development platform of artificial intelligence, the company provides technical and data support for innovation and entrepreneurship, helps innovation and entrepreneurship to explore business innovation in various application fields, and promotes the construction of the entire industrial ecology.
        Three major layouts: virtual live broadcast, virtual image and virtual space. Virtual live broadcast: in cooperation with the Ali Dharma academy, the 7 * 24-hour intelligent live broadcast room is mainly used to solve the pain points of live broadcast that are difficult to start, difficult to control the cost and impossible to guarantee the effect. Virtual image: provide the virtual image of enterprise celebrities, including Q version, quadratic, partial realism and hyper realism. Virtual space: space replica (short construction period and high degree of restoration) + space self built (strong sense of future and long time cycle) blue cursor's revenue in 2020 exceeded 40 billion yuan. In 2020, the company realized an operating income of 40.527 billion yuan, with a revenue growth rate of 44.2%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 724 million yuan, with an increase of 1.9%.
        The revenue of 21q3 was 31.483 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 9.1%, and the net profit attributable to the parent was 546 million yuan, with a growth rate of - 11.7%. Jebsen started by providing professional audio and video solutions and products, and laid out the content fields such as film and television production and copyright operation through extensive acquisition. In November 2021, the company completed the divestiture of assets, further focused on the main business of film and television copyright, and continued to explore the meta universe business forms such as virtual people and virtual platforms. It is at the leading level in the field of real-time digital people and rapid animation production. At present, the company has signed the virtual IP image of some stars, including the Olympic stars. The company will share 50 / 50 of the income from endorsements and concerts brought by the virtual IP image of the stars.
        Focus on the main copyright business, explore the meta universe business, real-time digital people or new directions. From 2006 to 2013, he landed in A-share with audio and video business; From 2014 to 2017, the extension M & a layout content business; From 2018 to 2020, film and television assets were impaired, focusing on the main business of copyright. Since the beginning of 2021, film and television assets have been stripped off to explore the business form of metauniverse: from May to November 2021, after several rounds of inventory, the transfer subsidiary Jebsen Junsheng stripped off the film and television business and part of the traditional audio and video business, including many companies such as CCTV Jingcai, Ruiji, Guanhua Rongxin, polar information and Shiqi film, and some assets related to the metauniverse business have been retained.
        In the future, the company will actively introduce strategic investors, optimize the shareholder structure, improve the corporate governance structure, focus on the film and television copyright business with the core of Huashi netju, and actively explore the meta universe business form with its subsidiary Shiyou technology.
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