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Regulatory upgrade, blockchain sector fell sharply

Time : 11/11/2021 Author : tdqx14 Click : + -
        On the evening of January 16, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced that it would strengthen the regulation of blockchain concept speculation. On the same day, according to a report on China Securities Network, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has organized analysis, research and judgment on the concept of blockchain at the first time. According to the judgment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the blockchain technology is still in the development stage, and it is still difficult to form a stable business. There are obvious signs of concept speculation. In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken such classified regulatory measures as suspension inquiry, suspension cooling, clarification and so on. Shenzhen Stock Exchange said that recently, some listed companies released information related to the concept of blockchain through announcements and interactive ease, and the share prices of some companies increased significantly. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange paid close attention to this, and promptly took regulatory measures such as inquiry, concern and suspension verification for 17 companies, requiring relevant companies to verify and clarify the investment, business and profit model, specific progress, realized income and its impact on the company's performance related to the blockchain, and fully prompt the risks.
        We will continue to pay close attention to the information disclosure and secondary market transactions of relevant companies. We will take disciplinary measures in a timely manner for the illegal behaviors of using the blockchain concept to speculate and mislead investors. Those suspected of violating the law will be reported to the CSRC for investigation and punishment. The regulators' strike hard attitude caused the blockchain concept plate, which rose sharply on the 16th, to fall sharply. On January 17, the blockchain sector fell by 3.4%, with the largest intraday decline of 4.42%. Moreover, more than three-quarters of the stocks in this sector fell. As of the press release of the interface, Yuanguang software (002063. SZ), Yiqiao stock (002447. SZ), Annie stock (002235. SZ), Shenzhen Technology (000021. SZ), Kelan software (300663. SZ), Sifang Jingchuang (300468. SZ), Xinchen Technology (300542. SZ), Hanwei Technology (300007. SZ) and so on have all fallen by the limit.
        In response to the pressure from the regulatory authorities, many companies involved in the concept have issued clarification announcements. According to incomplete statistics by the interface news reporter, on the evening of the 16th, about 13 listed companies issued announcements to clarify their relationship with the blockchain. Easy to see shares (600093. SH), which gained 5 trading limits, announced on the evening of the 16th that there is no plan to research and develop blockchain technology products as the main business at present and in the future, and the impact of the application of blockchain technology on the performance is not significant. Please make rational investment and pay attention to investment risks. In contrast, the trend of youjiu games appears to be ups and downs. Its trading was suspended after two trading limits on January 9 and 10, and was inquired by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
        The Shanghai stock exchange requires the company to explain whether it has used blockchain hotspots to speculate on the company's stock price, and whether it has not disclosed in the form of announcement, which violates the provisions on information disclosure. And asked youjiu to provide a list of insiders for verification by the exchange. After the resumption of trading on the 15th, the stock price fell sharply, but on the 16th, the stock price hit the limit again. On the evening of 16th, youjiu game was suspended again and issued a Clarification Announcement stating that its main business had nothing to do with the blockchain business and no specific work related to the blockchain business was carried out. Kelan software also announced on the evening of 16th that the global blockchain technology still has a long way to go. At present, it has not formed a market-oriented and commercial model, and its future development is uncertain.
        Its R & D investment in blockchain technology accounts for a very low proportion of the company's R & D expenses. There are only 4-5 relevant R & D personnel, and no business income has been generated. There is still uncertainty about the impact on the company's future performance. In addition to the decline in the concept of blockchain, the price of bitcoin is also in a downward trend. On January 16, bitcoin fell more than 18%, the largest drop in three years. At present, the latest quotation is USD 11120.33.
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