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Cold thinking behind the blockchain Market

Time : 05/06/2022 Author : v3lu1b Click : + -
        A meeting of the Party Central Committee triggered a wave of speculation. Today's media has evolved into a booster of speculation. Heizui, heizhuang and Guozhuang borrow hot spots to cooperate with speculation. Ordinary retail investors must be injured in the end. A news that had no impact on the business performance of the enterprise still caused this speculative atmosphere. This caused me to think deeply. What makes it so big and strong. The stock market is always a hot spot for speculators. Because if there is no hot spot. Because there is no so-called good news. How can they fall into the motivation of operation? Don't all people who lose money lose money the more they operate?. Why are there a large number of loss making retail investors after every bull market.
        Why are there a large number of loss making retail investors after each theme or concept. According to reason, can't you make money when the stock market goes up? The result was an astonishing reversal. The more people lose money in the market, the greater the amount of loss. What is the reason?. The real reason is that we all analyze after the fact. No one can predict the size of this market and how long it will last? Most speculators follow the rise halfway. The higher the price rises, the more it reaches the top, the more excited the speculators are. The more you invest. Once it falls, it is basically the limit. I earned it in the last few months. Maybe it will return to its original shape in a few days.
        This is the truth of the stock market, no matter how many 100% you earn in front. As long as you are still in the stock market. A 50% drop in the latter one will wipe out all the profits you made in front of you. I will train my brain as I train my muscles. Every article is written for me to read. Every article is a proof of self reflection and introspection. After 12 years in the market, how many ups and downs and feelings, one thought every day, one thought every day, and let the compound interest of time accompany everyone we invest.
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