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Blockchain game development,Daily venture capital express (on August 4, it oranges included 37 investment and acquisition IPO queuing events)

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        It is an anti-tumor drug R & D company. Based on drug sensitivity model, pharmacokinetic model, drug metabolism model and biomarkers, it can predict the response of drugs in the user's body, so as to make personalized drug dosage selection and formulation of drug delivery plan. Recently, Ketu medical completed a new round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was invested by fangfu capital, and Zhongguancun (000931) Industrial Research Institute acted as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing funds is mainly used for upgrading the preclinical toxicology and pharmacology platform, multi-dimensional data mining of organoids and market expansion. Kuaiko electronics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, manufacturing and sales of intelligent protection and electrical connection solutions for new energy systems. Its products include photovoltaic electrical protection junction boxes, photovoltaic connectors and cables, energy storage connectors and cables, electric vehicle charging systems, outdoor precision waterproof connectors, and industrial automation connector systems.
        Kuaico electronics is listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange today. The company's stock code is 301278, the issuing price is 34.84 yuan / share, and the issuing price earnings ratio is 36.07 times. Kangwanda has a complete international team with full process development experience of innovative drugs. The professional fields of its members include pharmaceutical chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical engineering, immunology, pharmacology and toxicology, clinical medicine, bioinformatics, pharmaceutical laws and regulations, intellectual property rights, financial business and other aspects of the new drug creation industry chain. Recently, kangwanda completed a new round of financing and the introduction of strategic partners. This round is jointly participated by Dongheng industrial group, China capital and blue mountain investment. The funds are mainly used for the clinical research of kangwanda's new generation oncolytic virus pipeline products and the development of subsequent guided virus products.
        Aolingke is an aiot chip developer, providing data connection, location sensing and sensor chip products covering the needs of aiot in all fields, including rfsoc (radio frequency system integration chip), location / sensing sensor chip, etc. Recently, aolingke completed an angel round financing of 10 million yuan. The investors are Gree Group Industrial Investment Company and Zhuhai science and technology innovation investment. It is reported that this round of financing funds will be mainly used for the mass production of the company's proprietary multi-mode SOC chip ms2010 and the research and development of UWB band living body detection chips. Zefeng semiconductor is a provider of semiconductor automatic test interface solutions. Its business mainly focuses on the sales, application development, design, manufacturing and service of semiconductor automatic test interface solutions.
        We are committed to growing into a global integrated solution provider in the field of semiconductor test interfaces, and creating a one-stop comprehensive platform from concept to product to outsourcing services. Recently, Zefeng semiconductor completed the round B financing of several hundred million yuan. This round of financing was led by Chaoyue Moore, and was co invested by Jiahao capital, Lingang New Area fund, Shixi capital, Dachen capital, Jinpu innovation, Qinghe capital and Zhenghai capital. The existing SMIC Juyuan, Hefei Industrial Investment and hi tech investment continue to make additional investment. The funds raised are mainly used for capacity expansion of ceramic substrates, 2D / 3dems probes and probe cards. Onsight intelligent technology business covers the development of Opto electromechanical automation technology, machine vision technology, non-contact detection technology, and intelligent robot technology.
        Recently, on vision intelligence completed the first round of enterprise financing. This round a was jointly invested by Guoxin capital, Zhuoyuan capital and Songhe capital. Yinlu technology is a green building technology service provider, focusing on professional operation in green, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection. It uses its core technology Liuheng comfort system to provide high-quality green building technology services for urban development and industrial transformation. Recently, Yinlu technology has obtained tens of millions of financing, led by foundation empowerment, followed by Jingcai future investment and innovation and embellishment investment of companies under foundation empowerment. Pingpu technology is an operator of Rural Revitalization digital economy. The company takes "laying the foundation stone of agricultural and rural economic information" as its own responsibility, innovates the "125N" concept, and forms a digital rural command center with "digital rural brain" as the core, smart agricultural economy + big data, agricultural financial system, collective property management, new agricultural business entity management, three land management (homestead, contracted land, construction land), rural property rights transaction A series of solutions and software products such as human settlement environment governance.
        Recently, Pingpu technology completed a new round of financing of 30 million yuan, and the investor was Liuhe fund, accounting for 4.84%. Hunan Longxiang is a construction engineering construction company, mainly providing construction services for housing construction projects, water conservancy and hydropower projects, outdoor sports facilities projects, urban and road lighting projects. Recently, Tang Renshen (002567) announced that it intends to purchase 60% of the equity of Hunan Longxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. held by Guangdong Hongtang with its own funds. This acquisition is conducive to accelerating the standardization of the construction process of the pig farm, improving the overall project quality of the pig farm, improving the construction efficiency of the project, giving play to the advantages of centralized procurement of raw materials, reducing the construction cost of the pig farm, and meeting the fast-growing construction demand of the company's building pig breeding.
        Junjun cheese is a cheese manufacturer, mainly producing light cream, butter, cheese and other products. In addition to its own cheese brand "zhishifang", it also provides the brand with cheese OEM business. Recently, the French cheese producer bel (Bell) group completed the acquisition of 70% of the shares of Shandong Junjun cheese Co., Ltd., a Chinese cheese manufacturer. After the change, the actual controller is Bel, and the chairman is Jean Christophe, Maurice and coubat. Huoxin is a blockchain instant messaging social platform that supports online communication of large groups of 100000 people and massive communities. With the community as the core, it provides community management and operation tools and industry hot spots, and provides an interactive platform for blockchain enthusiasts and investors.
        Recently, Taiyi group announced that it had officially completed the acquisition of Huoxin, a social product of Huobi group, and planned to develop Huoxin into the world's first social platform focusing on data collection and metauniverse, further promoting the construction of China's metauniverse infrastructure. Klaviyo is an American e-commerce marketing automation solution provider. It is committed to building a marketing automation and e-mail platform. Through the platform, enterprises can process billions of consumer activities or data events every month, realize communication between the company and consumers, and then make them available in real time to accelerate goals, analysis and effective marketing. Klaviyo has obtained a strategic investment of US $100 million from e-commerce giant Shopify.
        At the same time, the two companies announced that they would further strengthen their partnership. "Klaviyo" would become the preferred e-mail marketing product of Shopify's advanced business project "Shopify plus", and allow "klaviyo" to try out the new features being developed by Shopify in advance. Emitrr is a user communication solution provider, providing human like intelligent receptionists for small enterprises, and providing automatic telephone, SMS, chat and other services. Emitrr recently announced the completion of the pre-A round of financing of US $4 million, led by chiratae ventures, headquartered in Bangalore, and co invested by venturehighway, fortytwo VC and axior ventures.
        Commonground is a public workspace service provider that provides small and medium-sized enterprise users with shared workspace and convenience facilities to establish a working community. Commonground raised US $51.5 million in the latest round of financing, according to the company's recent submission to the accounting and corporate regulatory authority of Singapore (acra). Base is an NFT community platform. Users can display NFT content in their circle of friends and communities, and can also view NFT activities and NFT projects they are concerned about in their circle of friends and groups, and establish interpersonal relationships in the digital world through NFT.
        Base announced that it had completed the seed round financing of 3.5 million US dollars, and progressionfund led the investment. Hannah grey, collab + currency, palmtreecrew, Franklin Templeton, GFR and a number of angel investors participated in the investment. Niche. It is a Web3 social platform, committed to becoming a decentralized and secure social media without advertising, so that users can have an interest based club, and everyone has a say in the operation of the network. Niche announced the completion of the pre seed round of financing of US $1.8 million, which was led by metaweb, and participated by aluniventures group and near foundation.
        Savana. Inc is a digital delivery platform that provides a complete set of preconfigured and automated services, processes and integration. The platform is designed to unify and centralize your ecosystem to drive operational excellence, minimize the complexity associated with future innovation, and meet the changing needs of customers. Savana recently announced the completion of a round of financing of US $45 million, which was led by georgan and followed by Fiserv, a financial service technology provider, and will expand the existing dealer agreement with the company. Galoy is a bitcoin software developer whose solution suite enables any community, company or government to use bitcoin and lightning network to provide banking services.
        Galoy's technology stack includes comprehensive functions for publishing bitcoin Bank: Secure backend API, mobile wallet, point of sale application, compliance tool and management control. Galoy also provides a hosted banking-as-a-service solution for those seeking full management implementation and support. Galoy completed the financing of US $4 million, hivemindventures led the investment, and valor, Kingsway capital and alphapoint participated in the investment. Skyports is an urban air traffic infrastructure provider, dedicated to providing users with UAV service and other relevant accessories.
        Skyports announced the completion of round B financing, with a final financing amount of US $26.3 million. Singapore's steering group became the last investor in this round of financing this week, investing US $3.1 million in skyports. Annexushealth is a financial assistance cycle management platform provider. Its cloud based financial assistance cycle management platforms assistpoint and adparo simplify access services, including financial assistance, welfare eligibility, patient cost estimation, free drugs, reimbursement services, etc. Recently, annexus Health received 33 million US dollars in round B financing, led by transformation capital, a digital health growth equity company.
        Territorium is an educational software product R & D provider. Its main product is territoriumclr, which can map and analyze each learning record inside and outside the classroom, and transform it into a detailed ability and skill record to show the learning certificate. It also provides targeted courses and learning experience recommendations for higher education students. Territorium recently obtained a seed round financing of US $4.4 million, which was led by cometa. Visioxpharma is a biopharmaceutical service provider, focusing on the development and commercialization of ophthalmic drugs to solve highly prevalent diseases requiring new treatment solutions. The main products are pdp-716 and sdn-037.
        Visioxpharma recently announced the completion of a seed round financing of US $7 million, which was provided by an exclusive group composed of founding partners and ophthalmic industry leaders. Smallcase is a theme investment platform that allows investors to invest in theme based stock portfolios. Investors can choose different themes for portfolio investment and stock investment through the platform, and can provide investment strategies for users based on the market analysis of the investment market, and ensure users' capital returns through intelligent weighting mechanism. Recently, the financial technology Unicorn cred is a membership based credit card management and bill payment platform. It is said that it has completed the acquisition of smallcase, a wealth management company supported by Sequoia Capital, with a consideration of about US $400 million.
        Pingidentity, founded in 2002, is an authentication security service provider serving enterprises. Currently, it has more than 1200 customers, covering half of the fortune 100 companies. Recently, pingidentity, an enterprise identity security management provider, announced that the board of directors of the company has accepted the latest privatization acquisition plan of Thoma Bravo, a private equity company, while releasing the second quarter financial report. Thoma Bravo will complete the acquisition in cash at a price of US $28.50 per share. The transaction has yet to be approved by regulatory authorities and other parties and is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter.
        Pluribus is a cloud computing software and hardware network virtualization platform, which changes the construction and operation mode of software defined network (SDN) by simplifying the network architecture. It has an operating system "netvisorone" that optimizes the performance of open network hardware, and provides network virtualization services for enterprise data centers. Arista networks recently announced the acquisition of pluribus networks, which Arista said was aimed at strengthening its unified Cloud Architecture Services. Sierra wireless is an Internet of things solution provider. Its main products are mobile communication modules, gateways and routers for Internet of things and M2M communication, which are used in transportation, energy, medical treatment, security, computer network communication and other fields.
        Recently, synech Electronics announced that it would purchase all the outstanding shares of Sierra wireless in an all cash transaction at a price of $31 per share. According to the final agreement, the total enterprise value of Sierra wireless is about $1.2 billion. Zhiwei intelligent is a core solution provider of the Internet of things. Its main products include: mainboard, all-in-one machine, OPS module recording and broadcasting system, cloud terminal, playback terminal, handheld payment device, multi-functional payment terminal, industrial mainboard, industrial box, industrial tablet, network security platform and service device. Today's subscription, subscription code: 001339, issue price: 16.86 yuan / share, single account subscription limit of 24500 shares, and top grid subscription market value of 245000 yuan.
        Kaige precision machine is a full-automatic visual printer R & D company. Its main products include SMT full-automatic visual printer, LED full package equipment, glass panel printing production equipment, high-speed dispensing equipment, etc. Today's subscription, subscription code: 301338, issue price: 46.33 yuan / share, single account subscription limit of 4500 shares, and top grid subscription market value of 45000 yuan. Note: the public account of "daily venture capital express" is maintained and operated by "it orange" ((there may be exceptions on holidays or weekends). More information can be found in the "investment data" section of the it orange main station, which gathers investment, financing and M & a information of the global Internet industry every day.
        (the picture information comes from the Internet.).
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