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The road to the rise of blockchain: a detailed list of the blockchain incentive policies in various regions of China in recent years

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        Since the speech of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on collective learning of blockchain technology was delivered on October 24, blockchain has once again become a hot topic of discussion among the whole people. Subsequently, local governments of various provinces and cities across the country have successively issued a number of policies to start implementation and comprehensively promote the research and industrial development of blockchain technology. It can be seen that blockchain technology has become a key technology for us to comprehensively innovate industrial technology and enhance comprehensive national strength. Perhaps many people do not know that when the State Council released the 13th five year plan for national informatization in this line year, blockchain technology has been included in the national strategic frontier planning and has become the technical direction of the Chinese government.
        Over the past few years, local governments around the country have already issued many industrial support policies on blockchain technology. So what are the specific policies and which local governments have participated in them? Let's take stock for you. On August 10, Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work issued the 2016 performance task of Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work, which promoted the introduction of the Zhongguancun Internet finance comprehensive pilot scheme, carried out the equity crowdfunding pilot, and strengthened the supervision of Internet finance& mdash; Promote the establishment of Zhongguancun blockchain alliance. On December 30, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work and the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the notice on Beijing's financial industry development plan during the 13th Five Year Plan Period: accelerating the innovative development and application of financial technologies such as cloud computing, big data and blockchain in the fields of payment clearing, digital currency and wealth management.
        We will encourage the development of Internet financial security technologies such as blockchain technology and trusted timestamp identification to protect consumers' rights and improve the security of Internet finance. On January 13, the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the planning for the development of modern industries and the construction of key functional areas during the 13th Five Year Plan period of Beijing: actively and steadily develop and promote the development of Internet finance, consumer finance, commercial factoring and other emerging business forms. On April 6, the Beijing Science and Technology Commission issued the administrative measures for the support funds of Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone to promote the deep integration and innovative development of science, technology and finance, The development of block hammer technology has become the object of policy funding support. On September 15, in the notice on printing and distributing the detailed rules for the implementation of the measures for the management of supporting funds for the deep integration and innovative development of science, technology and finance in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone (adaptation), the management sub committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park defined blockchain as a cutting-edge information technology and settled in the Internet Finance functional zone.
        On September 29, Beijing financial work week In the notice on the implementation measures for building the capital's green financial system jointly issued by eight departments including the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, it is mentioned that the development of green financial information infrastructure based on the blockchain will improve the security level of green financial projects. On October 31, the notice of the people's government of Shijingshan District of Beijing on printing and distributing the action plan of "Shijingshan service" (2017-2020) mentioned that the application of big data Blockchain and artificial intelligence technology promote the intelligence and convenience of service terminals. On August 22, the office of the leading group for financial and social risk prevention and control in Chaoyang District of Beijing issued the notice on further cleaning up and rectification of virtual currency trading venues such as bitcoin, requiring that shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings and other places should not undertake any form of virtual currency promotion and publicity activities.
        On September 21b, Wang Youguo, head of Daxing District, Beijing, said that Daxing District will take the blockchain technology application industry as the key development direction of the future industry, and implement the "three ones" strategy, that is, establish a blockchain R & D laboratory, establish a fund to invest in blockchain underlying technology applications, and open a number of government resources to provide blockchain technology application scenarios. On November 9, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of financial work and Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology jointly released the Beijing plan for promoting the development of financial science and Technology (2018-2022). The plan stated that Beijing would encourage the innovation and application of the underlying technology of financial science and technology, including the development of distributed technology represented by cloud computing and blockchain. On the whole, Beijing's blockchain policy is still long-term supportive, In contrast, the restrictions on the field of cryptocurrency are still tightening.
        In January, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on printing and distributing the implementation plan for the pilot work of innovative development of Beijing's service trade, actively promoting the timely adjustment of the catalogue of services encouraged to be imported, and striving to add artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data, cloud computing and other related services. On April 26, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on holding the work plan of promoting the integrated online government building with the people as the center. It pointed out that: using cloud computing, big data, blockchain, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies, we should promote the deep learning, autonomous control, human-machine cooperation of government websites, optimize the intelligent search and interaction functions, and develop intelligent push and other functions.
        In November, Zhongguancun blockchain industrial alliance and Shanghai intelligent industrial park officially cooperated to jointly create Zhongguancun blockchain industrial alliance and Shanghai collaborative innovation center. China's first application blockchain incubation base was officially settled in Baoshan, Shanghai. In March, the notice of the office of Shanghai Baoshan District People's Government on Forwarding the 2017 Baoshan District financial service pilot formulated by the district development and Reform Commission will follow the construction of the service Temple Bank blockchain incubation base and Songnan Shanghai Internet financial evaluation center. In April, the Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association released the self discipline rules for the application of blockchain technology in Internet finance institutions, which contains 12 contents such as system risk prevention and supervision. This is also the first self-discipline rule for the blockchain in the Internet finance industry in China.
        On April 3, the Shanghai blockchain industry alliance was established. The alliance is jointly initiated by many listed companies, blockchain technology research institutions, blockchain industry application creation enterprises, and outstanding enterprises and organizations in related industries under the guidance of Shanghai Industrial Transformation and Development Research Institute. In September, the general office of the Shanghai Municipal People's government issued a notice on the implementation opinions on actively promoting the innovation and application of blockchain to study the application of blockchain technology in the field of quality certification. In January, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology issued a notice on the special development of software and integrated circuit industry in Shanghai in 2019, pointing out software products based on blockchain technology and system solutions for various industries.
        In April, The Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission released the key points of the construction of Shanghai's social value system in 2019), and used big data and blockchain technology to carry out credit risk monitoring, graph correlation analysis, and dynamic early warning. In May, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission released the "high tech field of Shanghai's 2019 science and technology innovation action plan", breaking through the key technologies of the blockchain and promoting the implementation and demonstration of blockchain technology. On September 6, 2019, China The (Shanghai) blockchain Technology Innovation Summit was held in Yangpu District, Shanghai. During the conference, the "2019 Shanghai blockchain technology and application white paper" was released. The white paper made a detailed analysis of the Chinese government's policy support and supervision on blockchain, the development status of China's blockchain industry and the development of Shanghai's blockchain.
        In November 2016, the Shenzhen Municipal Finance Office issued the "13th five year plan" for the development of Shenzhen's financial industry, pointing out that financial institutions should be supported to strengthen the research and exploration of emerging technologies such as blockchain and digital currency; In December 2016, the report of the 11th National Congress of Guangzhou, China pointed out that in the next five years, we will implement major technological breakthroughs, actively undertake the construction of major scientific and technological projects, and develop advanced technologies such as embedded technology and artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, integrated circuits, Internet of things, blockchain, stem cells and genetic engineering. In September 2017, the Shenzhen municipal government issued the notice of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on printing and distributing several measures to support the development of the financial industry, pointing out that it is necessary to set up a special award for financial science and technology, focusing on Rewarding outstanding projects in the fields of blockchain, digital currency, and financial big data application, and the annual reward amount is controlled within 6 million yuan;.
        In December 2017, Guangzhou issued the first government support policy for the blockchain industry, the detailed rules for the implementation of the measures for promoting the development of the blockchain industry in Guangzhou Development Zone, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, and the Guangzhou blockchain white paper. In March 2018, the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Information Commission issued the notice of the Shenzhen Economic and Trade Information Commission on organizing the implementation of the second batch of support plan of the new generation information technology information security special project for strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen in 2018. Blockchain is one of the support fields. According to the investment calculation, the funding amount of a single project does not exceed 2 million yuan, and the funding amount does not exceed 30% of the total investment of the project;. In June 2018, the Nanhai District Government of Foshan City issued the supporting measures of Nanhai District of Foshan City on supporting the development of "blockchain" financial technology industry cluster; The reward scope covers settlement reward, property support, platform support, cultivation support and technology.
        On September 4, the "Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay trade and financial blockchain platform" jointly developed by the digital currency Research Institute of the Central Bank of China and the central branch of the Central Bank of China, Shenzhen Financial Technology Research Institute and several mainstream commercial banks was officially launched in Shenzhen. In January, the notice on several policies and measures to further promote scientific and technological innovation. Cities at or above the prefecture level are encouraged to vigorously develop the financial technology industry, and support the application of cloud computing, big data, blockchain and other new technologies in the financial field. In April, Guangzhou issued several measures for increasing and delivering the blockchain industry to lead the reform), encouraging the establishment of a blockchain industry fund of 1 billion yuan, attracting social capital to form a capital supply effect, providing multi-level services such as angel investment, equity investment and post investment value-added for blockchain enterprises, and establishing a "multi base + large fund" distributed financial ecosystem.
        In May, the policy opinions on building Xixi Valley blockchain Industrial Park (for Trial Implementation) was issued, and the scientific and technological achievements that were awarded and transformed in Xihu District were subsidized at the national level of 1 million yuan For those newly identified as national, provincial and municipal enterprise research institutes and R & D centers, the maximum reward will be 3 million yuan. June. Hangzhou Municipal People's government issued the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of Qiantang River financial harbor, supporting financial institutions to explore new technologies such as blockchain. In December, the guiding opinions of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government on accelerating the industrial development of Hangzhou in the coming years mentioned blockchain in a large part, emphasizing the significance of blockchain for future competition, and taking the lead in exploring the layout in blockchain and other fields to build a first mover advantage.
        In May, the China Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park policy (Provisional) was issued. The Hangzhou blockchain Industrial Park attracted high-level talents to settle down, and the purchase subsidy can reach up to 3 million yuan. Since 2016, local governments in China have started to make layout in the blockchain industry. Provinces and municipalities directly under the central government have successively issued guiding opinions or supporting policies to support the development of blockchain industry, injecting new momentum into the establishment and sustainable development of blockchain industrial parks in various regions. According to incomplete statistics, as of November 2019, a total of 12 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Fujian, Guizhou, Shandong and Jiangxi, have issued guidance on blockchain. In order to attract more blockchain enterprises to settle in local industrial parks, cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing and Chengdu have even specifically targeted the settlement of blockchain start-ups, enterprise management, and high-level professionals Corresponding support policies have been issued in terms of housing subsidies and living allowances.
        It can be seen that in the next five years, a wave of entrepreneurship and innovation reform that is no less than that of mobile Internet will break out in the blockchain field in China, adding countless possibilities for China's scientific and technological progress to achieve overtaking.
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