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Behind Li Xiaolai's crazy recording: blockchain technology remains mysterious

Time : 11/01/2022 Author : ba4y39 Click : + -
        After a long silence, Li Xiaolai's recorded interview once again attracted the attention of the market. Although Li Xiaolai did not say much about the blockchain in this recording, his position in the digital currency market still attracted a lot of attention in the whole market, so many blockchain media pushed Li Xiaolai's recording as today's headlines. However, it is almost certain that digital currency has been characterized as illegal. The greatest significance of digital currency to us lies in the blockchain technology and many applications triggered by the blockchain technology. With the gradual affirmation of blockchain technology at the national and government levels, the discussion about blockchain technology seems to be much more popular than digital currency.
        It is against this background that Li Xiaolai's views on the digital currency market emerge. In a sense, his remarks can be seen as an attempt to transfer from digital currency to blockchain technology, and begin to explore and think about blockchain technology. Regardless of whether the views are correct or not, it can be seen from the transmission of this recording that the transmission of the current blockchain market still has a strong sense of mystery like the digital currency. Just imagine, at a time when the market is gradually accepting the blockchain technology, it seems to be against the trend to make some comments on the blockchain through this form. Although the blockchain was born in digital currency, it still needs to return to the market itself. Only by combining with the market can the value of the blockchain be found.
        If we only continue to think and spread the blockchain according to the pattern of digital currency, it seems that the real implementation of blockchain still needs a long way to go. However, the biggest pain point in the current blockchain market is the application level. Although we know that blockchain can bring a lot of subversion to traditional industries, there are very few cases in which blockchain can be applied to specific industries. Even some applications that have been applied are relatively primary. Although the market is slightly excited about Li Xiaolai's recording, this communication routine still stays at the level of digital currency. From this logical point of view, it is obviously unable to really promote the benign development of blockchain technology.
        To make blockchain technology truly return to the application itself, we must show the market the inclusive side of blockchain, not the mysterious side. From this logic, Li Xiaolai's views on blockchain technology in this recording will only make it in a relatively small state, and can not really be applied to specific applications. First, blockchain technology is not mysterious, but is closely related to our lives. In the impression of many people, blockchain technology was born in digital currency. Its application field is only in some virtual fields, and it can not bring a positive impact on the real economy. However, this is not the case.
        Blockchain technology does not only exist in digital currency, it will appear in almost all industries. Now, we see that blockchain technology has been applied in many aspects such as food traceability and copyright protection. It can be seen that the blockchain is not mysterious, but has a great relationship with our food, clothing, housing and transportation. Therefore, when we conduct blockchain communication, we should not only start from its mystery, but should find the universality and publicity of blockchain technology as much as possible. In this way, many people and industries can accept blockchain technology, apply blockchain technology to solve problems that cannot be solved in the Internet era, and truly make blockchain technology a universal existence.
        Second, blockchain is fundamentally different from digital currency, and blockchain cannot be viewed with the thinking of digital currency. One of the important reasons why Li Xiaolai's recording has caused a great sensation is that they still closely link blockchain and digital currency, and do not explore the essence and significance of blockchain. The reason why many people embrace the blockchain is that they still want to issue coins through the blockchain. This obviously deviates greatly from the essence and significance of the blockchain and will only bring the development of blockchain technology to a narrow position. When we see blockchain technology, we still need to really distinguish it from digital currency.
        Although we know that blockchain technology is realized through digital currency, blockchain technology is a very low-level technology. It is only the outstanding performance on digital currency that makes us realize. As an underlying technology, blockchain technology does not only exist in the field of digital currency. It can be connected with every link of our life. Therefore, we can't view the blockchain with the thinking of digital currency, and regard the ultimate application of blockchain as issuing coins, which obviously will bring the blockchain technology into a relatively dangerous situation. When we look at the blockchain technology, we should regard it as a simple technology. This technology itself exists in many industries and can truly solve the industry pain points and problems by stimulating the strength of individuals.
        It is a tool and means, not an independent individual. Digital currency only provides a soil for it. Without digital currency, blockchain technology can still play a role in many industries. Third, the blockchain technology opens a new era, which has the power that the Internet technology cannot. If we regard Internet technology as a process of energy aggregation, then blockchain technology is a process of continuously releasing individual energy. Each of us is a member of the industry operation. Each of us has a power that can not be ignored. Moreover, each of us is in the network woven by other external industries. It is a process of energy release.
        After decades of development, Internet technology has finally formed one platform after another. On this platform, a variety of users are gathered. But has the energy of these users been brought into play? Obviously not. The relationship between users and between users and platforms is still a one-way passive process. The final result of this process is that the platform is getting bigger and bigger, and users are encountering more and more pain points and problems. In addition, due to the inability of large platforms to transform traditional industries, the pain points and difficulties of users can not be really solved. The blockchain has opened a new era. It gives full play to the power of the b-end or the C-end to solve the problems that cannot be solved by Internet technology, so that the pain points and problems that cannot be solved by Internet technology can be fundamentally solved.
        Blockchain technology has a power that Internet technology cannot have. It enables everyone to be able and willing to participate in the operation of the industry, and solve user pain points and problems through their own efforts. Fourth, blockchain technology needs a lot of display methods, rather than just a few popular features. The blockchain technology we know now is characterized by encryption, decentralization and distributed accounting. However, the blockchain is not only these applications, but also has more characteristics in other aspects. Based on these most basic features, blockchain technology can also appear and derive more features. The reason why we see the application of blockchain technology at present is mainly because we do not understand the blockchain technology itself.
        In addition, many people's understanding of blockchain technology is only based on the basic elements of transaction, block and chain. One of the most direct results of these understandings is that the blockchain is trapped in a certain aspect, and it cannot really derive more display methods from the blockchain. Therefore, when we understand and look at the blockchain technology, we should think and realize its connotation expansion and application landing from a broader perspective, so as to achieve the demystification of the blockchain and truly let the blockchain technology land. The crazy spread of Li Xiaolai's recording reflects that the transmission path of blockchain technology has not changed, which determines that blockchain technology still needs more development to find a suitable transmission mode and channel.
        When we look at the blockchain technology, we can't look at the blockchain according to the thinking of digital currency. Only by truly returning the blockchain technology to the industry and the market itself can we make it go further.
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