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Finally, some people have explained how to select popular theme stocks. Which stocks in the blockchain have more potential?

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        In the stock market trading, we often hear a saying that we should choose hot topics and buy leading stocks. Because hot topics can gather market popularity and attract market funds, leading stocks can drive the whole plate out of the rising market. Just like the outbreak of the 5g concept at the beginning of the year, the aquaculture sector in March and April, the technology sector in July and August, and the blockchain this week, each hot spot will create a lot of bull stocks. Therefore, chasing hot spots and buying leading products are the dream of investors. How do we find and keep up with hot spots? How to select leading stocks in hot topics?. 1. Hot topics have gathered most of the market's popularity, and there are many opportunities to participate in the operation.
        Affected by the market sentiment, many stocks in the hot topics will have good performance. Selecting stocks from the hot topics has a greater chance of winning, and it is easy to buy individual stocks with rising space. 2. Participate in the operation of individual stocks in hot spots, and have more profit-making space in a short time, so as to give full play to the effective utilization rate of funds. In particular, the leading stocks participating in the hot topics tend to rise surprisingly, and the profit-making effect is also very significant. 3. Hot topics are highly concerned by the market, and there are many market followers, so it is difficult to buy them. If you are not buying hot topic stocks, because there is no market fund, the stock price is difficult to stabilize, and may even take a downward trend, leading to the phenomenon of buying.
        Hot spots are generally driven by major national policies or major favorable events. If there is actual favorable transmission, the hot spots will last for a long time. On the contrary, it is only a short-term market hot spot. The market hot spots have three development processes: formation, diffusion and regression. In the process of formation, the market performance is generally fierce, and the main funds swarm in, leading to the large-scale trading of related individual stocks in the subject matter. Some leading stocks even have the phenomenon of continuous trading and full flowering of individual stocks. For example, in the current blockchain, relevant individual stocks have risen sharply, and most of them were directly closed in the morning. Diffusion process: after the market hot spots develop for a period of time, the hot spots will be transmitted and spread to the related topics, and individual stocks will also show a differentiation trend. For example, in March and April, agricultural breeding, pork, corn, agricultural services, etc., the hot spots will be transmitted and spread.
        In the process of regression, everything will reverse at the extreme, and prosper and decline. After the hot spots continue to ferment, many stocks will have large profit chips, and after the hot spots spread, the market sentiment will be divided and unable to gather. At the same time, the market has less follow-up funds, so the heat will drop significantly. Especially if there are new market hot spots at this time, the market funds will be attracted by the new hot spots, and the old hot spots will be easier to fade. First of all, pay attention to the news reports of major national policies or important events. When such news occurs, it is necessary to fully understand the impact of the news, which sectors will be favorable, and which stocks will be affected. Second, pay attention to the changes of the market. If you do not pay attention to policies or events, when you observe the phenomenon of large-scale trading of related stocks of the same subject matter in the market, it indicates that it is likely that new hot spots will be formed and whether they can be continuous. On the first day, many stocks of the same subject matter will only trade, and on the second day, it indicates that the hot spots have been established.
        Finally, look at the leading stocks in the hot topics. When there are hot topics, it is necessary to actively identify the first-line leading stocks, that is, the individual stocks with good performance in the trading limit, K-line shape and technical indicators, and good fundamentals. It is not difficult to find the hot spots. The key is to find the leaders. Next, we will use the current blockchain of new hot topics to explain how to select individual stocks with greater rising space when new hot spots first appear. The first step is to pay attention to the strength of the trading limit. The trading limit is the most important. The second step is to pay attention to the stocks that take the lead in trading. There are 118 individual stocks related to the blockchain concept trading today, and many are directly on the board. The second step is to screen those with small circulation market value and select those with circulation market value less than 8 billion.
        A total of 93 stocks were screened out through the trading limit of individual stocks with a circulating market value of less than 8 billion. The third step is to give priority to low-priced stocks. Individual stocks with a price below 15 yuan have more potential. Those with a price above 15 yuan are excluded, while those with a price below 2 yuan or ST shares are excluded, leaving a total of 68 stocks. Step 4: through the technical level screening, the bottom volume is left, the moving average system shows signs of bulls. The K-line shape is at a relatively low level, and it is best to select the stocks with strong bottom pull. Only two stocks are left with operation space through the screening. As shown in the figure:. Of course, we are based on the current situation of individual stocks to select the stocks that have relatively more room for improvement. The above is only the exercise of stock selection steps, not the actual results of stock selection. In particular, in the fourth step of stock selection at the technical level, the selected individual stocks may vary from person to person, so they are not used as market entry for trading, but for reference only.
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