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The personal information protection law will soon be implemented, and the blockchain technology will help the new exploration of personal data portability

Time : 02/07/2022 Author : dqn47u Click : + -
        Xinmin Evening News (reporter Yang Shuo) on November 1, the personal information protection law, which will be formally implemented, stipulates for the first time the relevant content of "personal information portability". According to the provisions, the data subject has the right to obtain a copy of personal information from the data controller and request the data controller to directly transmit his personal information to another entity. Focusing on personal information protection and other issues, Ma Zhitao, vice president and chief information officer of Weizhong bank, recently shared the international practice and China's path of personal information portability when attending the 7th Wanxiang blockchain global summit in Shanghai, and proposed a solution based on blockchain Technology & mdash& mdash; Distributed data transfer protocol (DDTP).
        Ma Zhitao shared the domestic and foreign practices and existing pain points of personal information portability. In recent years, two different development models of Personal Information Portability have been formed in the world: platform led and government led. The representative projects are the DTP (data transfer project) model initiated by American technology giants and the "mydata" model led by the Korean government. However, these two models lack of reliable verification mechanism and incentive mechanism, and have different limitations in secure storage, trusted transmission and collaborative production. With the development of domestic digital new infrastructure technology, new opportunities have emerged for the exploration of personal data portability.
        In this regard, Ma Zhitao pointed out that China's new model should give users the right to choose the storage mode. At the same time, it also needs to solve the problems of personal information authenticity, personal rights protection and trust mechanism, as well as the cooperation of personal information in cross industry and multi scenarios. To solve these problems, distributed data transfer protocol (DDTP) came into being. "This mode of DDTP can be completely led by individuals, and it follows the distributed concept. It does not need to be agreed in advance by participating institutions, nor does it need to rely on the promotion of a single central institution. It can realize data level cooperation across institutions, scenarios and formats." Ma Zhitao said. It is understood that DDTP is led by the golden chain alliance, Guantao Zhongmao law firm, and financial technology & middot; Micro insight, etc.
        DDTP is designed on the basis of blockchain technology. Through the full process traceability, tamper proof, trust transfer and other characteristics of the blockchain, and the participation of authoritative institutions, it helps to carry personal information more safely, reliably and easily. Ma Zhitao said, "the legislation of the personal information protection law, coupled with the continuous development of cutting-edge technologies, has the opportunity to promote the birth of more standard protocols similar to DDTP, build more applications that conform to the form of public alliance chain, and build a new digital infrastructure that is very necessary and indispensable for the data age.".
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