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Real time market of blockchain,Shenzhen Stock Exchange will release the Shenzhen blockchain 50 index on December 24

Time : 31/07/2021 Author : q7eyml Click : + -
        The Shenzhen blockchain 50 Index selects the top 50 stocks of listed companies on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange from high to low according to the average daily market value in the last half year to form the sample stocks. In order to reflect the performance of companies related to the blockchain industry in the Shenzhen stock market and provide investors with more abundant indexed investment tools, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. are scheduled to release the Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index on December 24, 2019. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange blockchain 50 index takes the companies listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange whose business fields involve the upstream, middle and downstream of the blockchain industry as the sample space, and selects the top 50 stocks to form the sample stocks according to the order of the average daily market value in the last half year from high to low.
        The index is weighted by the free floating market value, and the sample stocks are regularly adjusted on the next trading day of the second Friday in June and December every year. The above indexes include pure price index and total income index. The pure price index publishes real-time market data through the Shenzhen stock exchange market system, and the total income index publishes closing market data through the national securities index network.
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