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Chongqing's first local blockchain standard was released and officially implemented on March 1

Time : 08/03/2022 Author : 3nwt6l Click : + -
        In order to promote the standardization of industry standards and provide reference for the coordination and linkage between government and enterprise functional departments. A few days ago, with the great attention of relevant departments such as the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, the municipal big data application development administration bureau and the Yuzhong District government, jinwowo led the drafting, Chongqing University Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications and other 16 units jointly drafted two local standards, namely, the code for the recognition of e-commerce value behavior based on blockchain (hereinafter referred to as the "recognition code") and the code for the deposit of e-commerce value behavior data based on blockchain (hereinafter referred to as the "deposit code"), which were officially approved and will be formally implemented on March 1. The reporter learned that as the first and second local blockchain standards in Chongqing that have been reviewed and successfully released, the release and implementation of the identification code and the deposit code not only promote the development speed of the regional blockchain industry, create a fair, standardized and orderly environment for the development of the industry, but also bring effective guidance to the value behavior data from the technical level, behavior identification and other aspects.
        "Chongqing is one of the regions with early development of China's blockchain industry. In 2017, Yuzhong District established the Chongqing blockchain industry innovation base, which has been upgraded to the Chongqing urban blockchain digital economy industrial park." The relevant person in charge of Yuzhong District introduced that actively promoting the development of the blockchain industry can better establish an orderly and fair environment for the development of the blockchain industry. The person in charge said that at present, the development of the blockchain industry is still in the initial stage, which also means that the soon to be implemented "identification specification" and "certificate deposit specification" are of great significance to accelerate the development and application of the blockchain industry and promote the development of emerging industries. The reason why blockchain becomes the key to understand the value of data is due to the non tamperability and traceability of blockchain.
        Enterprises and merchants create a decentralized platform through the online chain to protect the data assets of value behavior participants. At the same time, they help enterprises, merchants and even individuals to break the data island, return the data value to the individual, and truly make the value data available to "me". In this regard, the identification specification includes six categories and twenty-four sub categories: scope, normative reference documents, terms and definitions, value behavior classification, identification process and identification methods. The identification specification defines the value behavior of e-commerce based on blockchain from the terminology level, and describes the classification, identification process and identification method of value behavior in detail. The identification specification further refines the identification process and identification method of value behavior data, and further expands and explains the related terms involved.
        The certificate specification includes five categories and twenty-six sub categories: scope, normative reference documents, attributes and definitions, technical requirements and business processes. The code of deposit certificate divides the scope involved in the recognition of value behavior, and further explains the terms and definitions involved. At the same time, the deposit certificate specification describes the technical requirements involved in the occurrence of value behavior, and specifies the identification and use of data deposit certificates involved in the use of value behavior.
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