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Say "blockchain" every day. Do you know what blockchain is? Teach you to understand blockchain

Time : 08/10/2021 Author : 8j0d4o Click : + -
        What is a blockchain? What can blockchain do? How can blockchain make money? Trust is a new term, and many netizens show that they can't find their brains. So how can we better understand the blockchain and make this new skill work for us? The author collected nine very common questions from the Internet. I hope that after reading this article, you can have a clearer understanding of the blockchain. As a strong thing, blockchain is not only strong because of skills, but also because many talented people have invested in this field, resulting in the expansion of the energy of this skill. As for whether the energy of the blockchain is for the benefit of society or for cutting leeks? It is possible to make the world more mixed or to make society more harmonious and beautiful.
        On the positive side, more benevolent people will come in and reach more consensus. There are more legislation, restrictions and standards at the national level, and it will eventually be possible to give more people opportunities with this skill; On the negative side, more greedy and unscrupulous people will come in and share the wealth.
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