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Blockchain Forum,The first 2022web30 Asia ecological summit and Chengdu blockchain economic development forum will be launched soon

Time : 07/10/2021 Author : umxn1e Click : + -
        Start. At that time, blockchain practitioners from all over the world will gather together to look at the industry imagination of the infinite future with the attitude of the world in mind. Elites in various industries will join hands to meet. The first 2022 Web3.0 Asia ecological summit and Chengdu blockchain economic development forum will carry out in-depth discussions on the global Web3.0 industry ecology, supporting technologies, terminal applications, economic systems, development deduction, development paths and trends of Web3.0 at home and abroad. Famous experts at home and abroad, leading entrepreneurs in the global digital economy, authoritative institutions, Web3.0 industry representatives and outstanding talents will share their latest insights and thoughts, and study how to open the & lsquo; Digital Awakening & rsquo;, We will discuss how to empower Web3.0 with "international vision, strategic height and industrial dimension" to obtain new momentum for economic development.
        Mbusswap is a decentralized integrated integrated trading platform based on the core technology of Web 3.0, multi chain technology, encrypted social networking, encrypted wallet, encrypted digital currency trading, NFT casting and trading, metauniverse ecology, blockchain games and Dao community autonomy, which was jointly initiated and established by mbuslab, Canada's firstblock capital (FBC) and blockchain capital and many investment institutions. The Web3 Application Association was registered with the civil affairs department in May 2017 and was established under the guidance of Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau.
        The association is based on "policy guidance, theoretical research, scenario application, capital access and technology practice "Based on the principle of full business chain integration, facing the global cutting-edge technology field, aggregating social resources, building a blockchain ecosystem integrating government, industry, learning, research and application with domestic universities and scientific research institutes, domestic and foreign enterprises and core member units, and researching and exploring the application of blockchain technology in such fields as bank bills, government cloud, intellectual property system, equity registration, and entrepreneurship incubation. The Web3.0 Application Association aims to build a blockchain ecosystem through the blockchain Gather industry resources and cross-border integration to jointly promote the development of blockchain and promote the innovation and development of advanced technologies. Huoxin media takes the world's leading information as the starting point to gradually develop other businesses.
        At present, it has developed into an ecological platform integrating information content, media articles, conference hosting, training, project brand planning and packaging, investment and blockchain technology implementation. The whole network covers users. Sichuan blockchain Technology Application Association is a municipal professional association registered with the Civil Affairs Bureau of Sichuan Province by Sichuan Science and Technology Association as the business competent unit. After three years of development, the association has had a certain influence in Sichuan, the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country. The association always revolves around me. "Talent cultivation + standard setting + science and technology evaluation + technology promotion + industrial agglomeration + industry expansion" has developed in six directions and formed a healthy and good situation.
        The association has always adhered to the development principles of government guidance, market leadership, application traction and innovation drive, vigorously promoted the deep integration of blockchain and economic society, and is committed to uniting and uniting the vast number of scientific and technological workers in the blockchain field, promoting cross-border, cross industry and cross domain resource sharing, serving the scientific and technological innovation and economic and social development of enterprises, and promoting the development of blockchain technology and industrial application. The world harmony foundation is a well-known foundation built by a team of well-known experts and focusing on charity and public welfare undertakings. It raises funds for NFT digital tokens to provide help and assistance to global citizens, entrepreneurs and philanthropists in various countries. The opportunity of UN public welfare undertakings to assist more developing countries in their construction and poverty alleviation.
        With philanthropists who love the United Nations public welfare undertakings and cultural collections, we will build a public welfare, charity and. There will be wonderful light show + laser walking, universe Warrior Dance, digital man display and industry trend explanation, as well as black technology full experience, domestic and foreign technology connection. Web3.0 is a new symbol, new feature, new wind direction and new business form of scientific and technological revolution, industrial development, financial reform and social progress. Web3.0 is not only the aggregation of multiple technologies, but also the integration of multiple business rules. It is also the new thinking, new life and new civilization of mankind. It is a brand-new choice to lead the society to practice the "community with a shared future for mankind".
        Mbusswap will provide exploration pilots and landing applications for Web3.0 to help the transformation and upgrading of the real economy. It will help create new business forms, new scenarios and new consumption Highlands, and strive to become a pioneer and pioneer in the global Web3.0 field. In the future, it will continue to upgrade new digital scenarios, explore and build Web3.0, and jointly promote the release of new opportunities of the era.
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