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What is gamefi?

Time : 05/10/2021 Author : tjdri2 Click : + -
        Due to the rise of blockchain technology, finance has never been so intertwined with the game industry. Blockchain games are also called decentralized games, namely gamefi & mdash& mdash; Game + defi (decentralized Finance). In addition to defi, NFT is also the core component of the chain game. The attraction of NFT lies in its uniqueness, scarcity, ownership provability, transferability and indivisibility, which is undoubtedly of great significance for improving the value of items in the game. It is worth mentioning that NFT also embeds metadata, which can be used to prove the authenticity of assets.
        In fact, the first application of NFT is also games. Blockchain, digital art and NFT are gradually infiltrating every aspect of our life, and the entertainment industry is one of them. NFT games based on blockchain technology are rapidly innovating the traditional game experience and attracting more and more game players. In November 2017, a pet development game based on the blockchain, namely cryptokitties, the ancestor of chain games, attracted the attention of users. Cryptokitties occupied more than 15% of Ethereum's network only a few hours after its launch, contributing nearly 30% of eth's trading volume, and even directly causing congestion in the entire Ethereum network; Many people with ideas have seen people's demand and enthusiasm for the blockchain game market.
        At the most popular time, a cryptocat even sold for a million yuan, and then the foam burst, and the cryptocat also fell to the bottom. In the following 18 and 19 years, blockchain games entered an era of savage growth. Gamblers entered the market at no cost, and inferior project parties waved sickles with exaggerated gimmicks. The exaggerated foam of "blockchain Games" finally entered a cooling down period in Q2 of 19 years & mdash& mdash; Such an unhealthy development mode is unlikely to last long. After all, who has the mind to play games or develop games in the mood of "sudden wealth"?. I have always used the term "blockchain game" because gamefi was first defined as gamefinance, which was proposed by mixmarver's chief strategy officer at the Wuzhen conference at the end of 2019, that is, a game with financial attributes.
        Later, after the appearance of defi, yfi founder AC said that the future content of defi would be more game oriented, gamefi was widely called game (game) + defi (decentralized Finance). So far, the concept of game + defi + NFT has been recognized by users. However, it does not seem to be a particularly healthy model to change hands only through speculation, and the economic model of "play to earn" created by axie Infinity has solved this problem well. The mode of "playtoearn" is considered as one of the cores of gamefi and is still followed by the whole gamefi field up to now.
        After the defi craze passed, there was an urgent need for new ways of playing, and gamefi was just the fire that ignited a new round of hot spots in the industry in July 21, and reached the peak in the second half of 21 when the yuan universe fire. The biggest pain point of traditional games is that players are in a weak position and have no dominant power. The equipment and armed characters that the player has worked hard to build may be discarded once the version is updated; Developers can increase the number of props at any time, and the props in the hands of players can become worthless. In addition, players can only be consumers, and they can always be consumers & mdash& mdash; Even if the third-party platform is used to sell props for profit, it does not have stability.
        Strong as V God, he also angrily deleted the game after protesting against Blizzard's version update. NFT based on blockchain technology can record the status and achievements of players in the game and save the list of items obtained in the game. NFT can ensure that records cannot be tampered with and seamlessly transferred, and ensure the ownership verification and authenticity of game items. At the same time, game items can also be designed for cross game use, or have a certain exchange value. The problem with traditional games is that these items are not allowed to be transferred. Few games allow the transaction or sale of collected items, let alone cross game use. NFT provides a solution to this problem.
        Allow in-game assets to be transferred to other games. And the p2e mode initiated by axie, which changes the situation that players can only be consumers in traditional games. In the p2e mode, chain game players can not only play games, but also bypass the third party to obtain real benefits and demand returns from the market & mdash& mdash; All these are determined by the market rather than a centralized game company. Traditional games are just games, and the identities of players and investors are separated; And p2e makes the identity of chain game players change. They can be players, participants and investors. Admittedly, gamefi has received more and more attention, but it also faces its own problems: lack of game innovation, poor user experience, low playability, weak story, single application and high participation threshold.
        If there is no good solution, these problems are likely to affect the game to the mainstream market and cannot form a healthy ecosystem. Blockchain has begun to try to solve the pain point by relying on layer2 and other technologies, but gamefi currently seems to lack the optimal solution. On the other hand, gamefi projects still rely on exaggerated fomo emotions to push up the first wave of heat, but the heat will always drop, and few can survive on the operation of the project party or other reasons & mdash& mdash; There are only a few projects such as star shark. How to design it into a sustainable development game, rather than just a tool for rapidly accumulating wealth, is the consideration of many project parties and the necessary factor for the healthy development of the gamefi industry.
        The development of gamefi cannot be separated from NFT, but even NFT is still at an early stage & mdash& mdash; Such as the token circle of 13 and 14 years. Gamefi is more like the game field in the 1980s. At that time, the computer game industry experienced its first important growth pains. Honest publishers and profiteers who set up today and run tomorrow appeared in the market. Some games can be copied from existing arcades, and the relatively low cost of personal computer games has facilitated the release of many inferior games. Gamefi with financial attributes is more savage than at that time.
        In the future, gamefi will have more users to participate, so as to have more stable profit and loss rules and economic structure; The gameplay will be better, and even the open world 3A masterpiece may appear within a few years; The number of game guilds will also increase, so as to guide more players to enter the game and lower the threshold; In addition, it is very likely that a "steam + metauniverse" platform in the game industry will appear, integrating all chain games together, and NFT in players' games can be circulated among different games. Many people believe that gamefi is also promoting the development of Web3 & mdash& mdash; The defi function of the game is already a prelude to Web3.
        In the long run, people's lifestyle in Web3 will be greatly changed, as will games; In the short term, what new ways will gamefi play and become more financial? Playfulness? Or open the window of the metauniverse? We will wait and see. Return to Sohu to see more.
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