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Time : 22/01/2022 Author : 2asrh9 Click : + -
        Algorand is a blockchain technology company founded by Turing prize winner and cryptology pioneer Professor Silvio Micali. As a pure proof of interest mechanism (PPOs), no license, real-time transaction, and no bifurcation Star Public chain, since the main online line in June 2019, the algorand public chain with simple design and elegant technology has shown its strong strength and excellent vision of serving "a world of efficient, transparent and safe creation and exchange of value". "If you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird.". Algorand ecological development is rapid. It has more than 1000 global excellent partners from Pan finance and multi industries, and is expected to become the most widely adopted public chain ecology in the world.
        The series of articles of "algorand ecological partners" try to see through and share the super public chain ecology of "futurefi" and "borderless economy" enabled by algorand from the perspective of partners in more dimensions and depth. This article is the 44th in the series, introducing the characteristic popular game projects that algorand ecology has launched. Despite the huge market volatility, play to ear (p2e) games are still booming. More than 1000 blockchain games across multiple blockchains have formed a player community, and many game players play games every day to earn money.
        Recently, the powerful algorand has started to make efforts to the hot applications of the chain coin circle such as gamefi and NFT. Algorand's large-scale, ultra-low cost and real-time trading technology advantages will provide an excellent network foundation for blockchain games. The gamefi platform zone, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, as the first gamefi system of algorand ecology, combines online game challenges, mobile mining, NFT and other functions, aiming to become the simplest and most common gamefi ecosystem in the defi field. Zoneplay connects games and other front-end applications to the back-end gamified zone smart contract to reward good behavior in the community.
        Zoneplay also provides necessary cross chain support for players from multiple blockchains. Users only need to connect their wallets to the platform to start the game without leaving the original blockchain. Zonefantasysports is a dream Alliance on the chain. Players can form virtual sports teams and accumulate dream points. Zonefts are the world's first Gamification, deflation and power up practical NFTs that can be traded and pledged, further enhancing the gaming and financial experience of the zone ecosystem. Zone has issued zone tokens on the algorand chain. From pledging, trading NFT and other digital assets, purchasing NFT blind boxes, community governance voting, to powering up NFT, zone has provided power for the entire zonegamefi ecosystem.
        At present, zone has been launched and can use many games such as League of legends and dota2 of zone and algo. According to the data on the official website of the project, users have played 317000 games on the zone platform. Flexnba is a turn based competitive game launched by the sports game company sequoiagames and officially authorized by the NBA. It is also the world's first AR board game that combines professional sports with the latest game technology. Flexnba is a game characterized by professional athletes. It has a physical and hand-painted game tile called flexagons. Through the algorand blockchain, each flexagon is registered as a fingerprint in the metauniverse, which is completely impossible to copy, cheat or forge.
        The game can be downloaded from Apple App store and Google play store. These flexagons integrate digital intersection technology. Augmented reality (AR) technology can display flexagon in 3D on any mobile terminal, and integrate the flex metauniverse with the real world. In this sense, flexnba is not only a game, but also the latest breakthrough technology platform. Flexnba has two game modes: one is easy mode, which is suitable for novices. The other is advanced mode: people who have mastered the simple mode or want to fully experience the game can choose this mode. It is also the original design of flexnba, and the game strategy and mechanism are fully reflected.
        Players can not only see lifelike NBA heroes on their own terminals, but also create their own ideal NBA lineups such as new stars, MVPs and all stars in the game. Play the players' superpowers, and use special tiles to transform the players into superpowers to fight against the opponents in the turn based fantasy game. Tinyhorse is an NFT series game, led by female NFT artists, which has opened up the Xinjiang area of pixel art and technology application. As the first online e-game of algorand ecology, this project just won the "best algo game DAPP of the year" award issued by algorand foundation in June.
        In discord robot games, players can compete in horse racing through two modes of racing or death race to earn oats, the project token issued on algorand. Those who have more than 10 NFT assets including tinyhorse, 2iny and stuppidhorse will become ranchers in the project ecology. If they win the competition, they will receive 3 times oats rewards. Stuppidhorse owners hold weekly competitions, and the average prize pool totals 150 ALGOS. There is also a chance to win the customized stupidpony every other week. It is a player owned and decentralized Racing League game. All competitions and rewards are recorded on the algorand chain, and the results cannot be tampered with.
        During the zcircuit Grand Prix season, players have to use their skills to compete with other players. In the whole season spanning several weeks and many tracks, the supply of cars, parts and tires is limited. Players need to do a good job in strategic resource management, take steady strategic decisions to continuously accumulate race points and ensure that they can reach the final podium. The weather and track conditions are constantly changing, and the competition strategy is formulated and adjusted to ensure that their own racing team is the first to cross the finish line. All players have equal opportunities to win NFT cars and parts from zcircuit's trophy system, and can also buy favorite cars and parts in the market, and can also trade freely in many NFT markets of algorand ecology.
        You can also start the zcircuit game as a spectator of the Grand Prix, and earn assets by watching the game, understanding the conditions of the stadium and predicting the results. In addition to the role of spectators and racers, players can also play the role of "racetrack owner" of zcircuit, and operate a virtual racetrack alone or with other owners, including activities such as managing track revenue, defining race rules, and providing unique experiences for racers. There are currently two versions. The GEN1 version of Genesis and the newly released Gen2 version are 1000 and 8000 respectively. Each Gen2 is associated with the parent version GEN1, and its initial characteristics are affected by the characteristics of its parent version.
        There are unique and cool token economics. The most powerful function of octorand is transformation. Players can even transform ordinary octoprime into a super rare version. However, octoprime transformation must cost Octo, and the Octo spent on transformation will be destroyed. In this way, Octo has become a deflationary token. There is a built-in market operating according to the Dutch auction mode. This means that the selling price of in-game assets starts from the high asking price and then decreases every hour until some buyers accept the price or reach the predetermined reserve price.
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