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What can an E-port blockchain alliance enterprise in Shanghai do with blockchain technology?

Time : 02/07/2022 Author : er5uqt Click : + -
        The Shanghai E-port blockchain alliance was officially established to seek to improve customs supervision and business coordination of all parties involved in international trade with blockchain technology. At the Expo on November 7, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce (Shanghai Port Office) jointly released and launched a number of application achievements of "blockchain +" of Shanghai international trade single window with Shanghai Customs and other units. Shen Weihua, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that at present, the international trade business chain is long, there are many participants, the process is complex, the transaction cycle is long, the information is lack of transparency, the transaction risks and communication costs of all parties are high, and there are deep-seated trust and efficiency problems. Therefore, Shanghai Port explored and innovated in the process of promoting trade facilitation, introduced blockchain technology, tried to solve the above problems, and made positive progress.
        At present, the Shanghai international trade single window has formed 10 functional blocks with "supervision + service", 53 local applications, and 22 departments, covering the whole process of supervision and the main links of international trade. " Experts from the world bank spoke highly of the Shanghai international trade single window, believing that its functional complexity and business processing capacity have ranked among the top in the world and have been promoted to all countries in the world. "Shen Weihua said. Based on the blockchain technology, the Shanghai international trade single window has achieved phased results in four important areas (cross-border RMB financing, pharmaceutical supply chain tracing, assisting customs intelligent supervision, and integrating third-party trade services). First, in cross-border RMB financing.
        Relying on the platform's big data advantages, the Shanghai international trade single window adopts the blockchain technology to solve the core problem of information asymmetry in the process of trade financing. Therefore, foreign trade import and export enterprises can initiate financing applications to financial institutions through the single window platform. Financial institutions rely on the single window to verify the authenticity of the trade background and past business credit records of the enterprise's financing applications in real time, and grasp the financing progress in real time through the single window and use it for subsequent payment, which can effectively reduce the financing risks of financial institutions and reduce the financing costs of import and export enterprises. Ge Qing, deputy director of the cross-border RMB business department of the Shanghai headquarters of the people's Bank of China, said that this function is intended to support the authenticity review and risk control in the process of cross-border RMB trade settlement and financing through the single window function.
        "After the single window function is realized, the regulatory information is shared on the same platform, which also supports financial institutions to extend credit at a high level and reduce trade financing risks.". In terms of pharmaceutical supply chain traceability, Shanghai has built a blockchain based Shanghai international pharmaceutical supply chain information service platform, which is the first platform for Shanghai international trade single window to provide in-depth services for a single vertical industry. Specifically, the platform adopts blockchain technology to realize distributed ledger, data tamper proof and information traceability, provide "end-to-end" and "visual" supply chain information services from source to consumption for upstream and downstream enterprises in the imported medical devices and pharmaceuticals industry, and provide the industry regulatory department with a full life cycle traceability and supervision system integrating domestic and foreign trade, covering the whole process of dynamic supervision before, during and after the event, Improve regulatory efficiency and accuracy, reduce regulatory costs and enterprise burden.
        The bonded exhibition and sales blockchain auxiliary supervision system is the first blockchain application project of Shanghai Customs, and also the first project that uses blockchain technology to serve the Expo. Ye Jian, deputy director of Shanghai Customs, said that the bonded exhibition and sales business chain is long and there are many links. Under the traditional supervision mode, enterprises need to declare to the customs in multiple links such as goods entering the zone, goods leaving the zone for display, during the display period, goods returning to the zone, and domestic sales. There are many problems such as repeated input and data verification, which are prone to errors. By using the characteristics of blockchain technology such as distributed bookkeeping, shared account books, multi-party verification and non tampering, it is possible to realize the whole process of information data chaining and transparency from the issuance of purchase orders to the arrival of goods at the port to the arrival of the bonded area, from the issuance of exhibition and sales instructions to the arrival of the exhibition and sales venues, to the completion of sales and tax collection. The imported goods purchased by consumers can be traced throughout the whole process.
        Therefore, in the whole circulation of bonded goods, the introduction of blockchain technology can promote the sharing of data among all parties involved in the chain, optimize the customs supervision process, reduce the compliance cost of enterprises, improve the coordination efficiency of all parties, and create a trusted system in the import and export field. "Since it has just been launched, these figures do not seem high, but we believe that through the whole process of sharing import and export data, efficient cooperation, authenticity and credibility, convenient customs declaration and simplified supervision, customs clearance efficiency will be greatly improved." Ye Jian said. In terms of integrating third-party trade services, the Shanghai international trade single window has integrated a number of third-party service providers with blockchain technology and opened a "small and medium-sized enterprise application market".
        Therefore, small, medium and micro enterprises can handle cloud customs clearance, cloud detection, cloud tax refund, finance, logistics and other trade-related services through one platform and one user name of Shanghai international trade single window. Shanghai Keju Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the participants in the blockchain alliance. The Keju intelligent trade application platform (top) released by the company is the first intelligent customs declaration service product operated by a third party. Li Li, the founder and CEO of Shanghai Keju, told China business news that the services in the customs declaration industry are uneven, and it is even more difficult for small, medium and micro enterprises to obtain the high-quality services of large-scale customs brokers, which will increase some trade risks and unnecessary intermediary service costs.
        Top has greatly improved the transparency of trade rules and information, and can help all small, medium and micro enterprises to achieve trade management and services such as fast customs clearance, trade compliance, tariff planning and AEO management. "Next, we will work with other participants of the blockchain alliance to get through the information of logistics, customs clearance, finance and other links, so as to more conveniently and effectively meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in all aspects." Li Li said.
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