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        The "digital economy" has strongly entered our lives. Sharing bicycles, sharing cars, taking out, special cars, Internet finance, paperless office, online shopping, etc. are all manifestations of the digital economy. In recent years, the status of the digital economy in the national economy has been steadily improved and has become a new driving force for improving the quality and efficiency of China's economy and achieving high-quality development. The major of digital economy is based on economics and digital technology, integrating management science, mathematics, computer science and other cross disciplines and technologies. Study the operation law of the digital economy, measure the scale of the digital economy, and plan the development of the digital economy, so as to promote the development of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, and realize the deep integration of digital technology with industry, agriculture, service industry and other industries.
        The major of digital economy mainly cultivates students with good political quality and moral cultivation, master the basic theoretical knowledge of economics, management, statistics and computer science, master the basic methods and digital skills of modern economics, be familiar with the operation laws and reform practices of China's digital economy, have the skills of economic big data statistics and analysis, financial big data application and analysis under the background of digital economy, and have the ability of industrial digital planning and construction, High quality and comprehensive professional personnel required by local economic construction and social development. Digital economy mainly studies the new economic laws and characteristics under the big data environment, and studies the production, distribution and sales of goods and services that rely on digital technology.
        The research directions of digital economy include digital economy theory and traditional economic theory, digital marketing, digital information technology, digital commerce, digital industry and relevant policies and regulations. 2. Be able to adapt to the requirements of social development and have the ability to undertake the discovery, analysis, planning, design, evaluation and improvement of comprehensive problems such as industrial digital analysis and research, industrial transformation and upgrading;. Digital technology module: blockchain principle and application, python program design, database principle and application, python big data analysis, Internet + operation management, etc. Digital economy application module: introduction to digital economy, comprehensive economic analysis training based on big data, social and economic investigation training, statistical comprehensive simulation training, blockchain financial training, digital marketing experiment, production practice, graduation design, etc.
        In recent years, the digital economy has become an important engine that leads global economic and social changes and promotes the high-quality development of China's economy. It is predicted that the scale of China's digital economy will reach 60 trillion yuan in 2025. At the same time, the proportion of digital economy in GDP has increased year by year, from 14.2% in 2005 to 36.2% in 2019. The 14th five year plan emphasizes accelerating the development of the digital economy, promoting digital industrialization and industrial digitization, promoting the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, and building a digital industrial cluster with international competitiveness. "Digital economy major" is a major that meets the needs of digital economy construction and has great development potential and space.
        Under the background of accelerating the development of the digital economy and the digital transformation of the industry, the applied digital economy professionals will become the industry talents in short supply in the future market, so the future employment prospects of this major are relatively good. 1. Blockchain direction: students majoring in digital economy can be blockchain trainers, help build enterprise infrastructure to use Ethereum and bitcoin, help new employees analyze code, help organize managers to provide blockchain training, etc. 2. Artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence is also very suitable for students majoring in digital economy. After graduation, students can be responsible for system architecture design in major companies and design scenario based solutions for industrial customers.
        3. Direction of Internet of things: Internet of things is also a very good employment direction for students majoring in digital economy. They can work in enterprises related to the Internet of things, engage in the management and maintenance of the communication architecture, network protocol and information security of the Internet of things, and also engage in teaching and scientific research in universities or scientific research institutions. 4. National enterprises and institutions: graduates can engage in data analysis, industrial digital construction, information management, business intelligence decision-making, Internet intelligence, enterprise management and analysis in national administrative departments at all levels, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions, scientific research institutions and digital industry departments related to the digital economy.
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