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"Hearing about blockchain" won an angel round of 8 million financing and entered the blood sea of blockchain media

Time : 29/10/2021 Author : 2krzpy Click : + -
        On May 22, it was reported that the "hearsay blockchain" under FM had obtained an angel round financing of 8 million yuan from huangtao capital, and now it has realized independent operation. According to the official introduction, "listening to the blockchain" has realized profits, and the number of broadcasts this month is expected to exceed 300000. From next month, more blockchain audio programs and paid classes will be launched in succession, and independent apps and small programs will be built soon. We are determined to be a Himalayan in the blockchain industry. According to the public information, hearing FM was founded in March 2014. It is an economic news station, mainly focusing on finance and economics, science and technology, culture and entertainment, current politics and international events. In March 2018, hearing FM incubated "hearing blockchain" internally.
        "& lsquo; I heard & rsquo; is an audio information and audio classroom in the pan financial field, so I can't do anything in the blockchain field." Chen Yixian, CEO of Xiamen listening network Co., Ltd., said that he began to pay attention to the blockchain field at the end of last year, and was also confused at the beginning. But "I have learned a lot from communicating with many entrepreneurs and investors, and in recent months, I have been constantly mending the knowledge of blockchain, and later I gradually began to recognize its value.". At present, "hearing blockchain" has realized profits. Chen Yixian introduced to the reporter of China times that "hearing about blockchain" and many blockchain projects have reached long-term advertising and in-depth cooperation, such as "China coin network".
        "We will soon launch a blockchain paid class, listen to blockchain apps and small programs, and explore more profit models.". In addition, the broadcast volume of "listening blockchain" is expected to exceed 300000 this month. Next, "hearing about blockchain" will more patiently Polish new products and constantly expand the scale of users. In the past half year, the news of blockchain media has been heard. On the second day of the new year, a "3:00 a.m. exchange group" kept all investment tycoons and stars awake at night and stirred the whole venture capital circle. So just after the Spring Festival, all kinds of blockchain media financing information broke out. However, as the saying goes, its prosperity is also flourishing, and its decline is also sudden.
        Just two months have passed, and many of the thousands of blockchain media that entered the market at that time have returned halfway. In Chen Yixian's view, most of the fallen blockchain media are followers. The entrepreneurs have no financing ability, do not understand the media profit model, and do not have rich content production experience in the team, so they are easy to die. "Experience accumulation is very important, and anti business is equally important. For entrepreneurs, they should not give up in such a short time. I think whether the project can last is also an indicator of a qualified entrepreneur." Chen Yixian said. "There are a lot of rumors on the Internet and it is easy to spread. Why we want to broadcast audio news is mainly because the news itself requires seeking truth from facts and is based on authenticity. Only by long-term adherence can we have credibility.
        ”Chen Yixian said. "We have heard that the blockchain has accumulated 25000 wechat groups, with an average of 200 people in each group. At present, it has covered nearly 5 million blockchain users." Chen Yixian said that only if the vertical population covered is wide enough can the maximum effect be achieved. At the same time, Chen Yixian believes that audio programs are like a product, which can be continuously polished and iterated. Listening to programs with good experience is a good product. "We will continue to launch more blockchain audio programs, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of the blockchain.".
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