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Price of blockchain app development

Time : 24/03/2022 Author : 2m8ye0 Click : + -
        The development cost of blockchain projects is generally estimated according to the technical difficulty. The estimated development cost of Fangwei technology ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. The development cost is mainly calculated by the number of developers and working hours. If the other party has ready-made system software, the project implementation will be much faster, but the cost will not be too low. After all, they have also invested considerable human and material resources in R & D before. In some cases, the price of the application will be very low, that is, the existing source code can meet the needs of customers, and only need to modify and add some functions. The estimation of the software development cost of the blockchain mall is based on the functional complexity of the application.
        The estimated development cost of wechat cloud technology is in the range of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Generally speaking, applications with complex functions take a long time to develop and therefore cost more, while applications with simple functions are faster and cost less. The development cost mainly includes labor cost and hardware consumption. The more complex the application, the longer the cost. For example, if there is ready-made source code to meet the functional requirements, the development can be quickly realized by modifying and adding functions, and the price is very low.
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