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Shanxi: the first blockchain virtual currency network fraud case was solved!

Time : 01/10/2021 Author : amqhb3 Click : + -
        On December 25, Taiyuan Public Security Bureau released information to the society. After more than a month of continuous struggle, Taiyuan public security Yingze Branch successfully cracked the first blockchain virtual currency network fraud case in Shanxi Province, arrested 72 suspects, destroyed 4 crime dens, and involved more than 30 million yuan. "At the beginning, I said it was recommended stocks. I added wechat group and asked me to invest in virtual currency. I was cheated by 300000 yuan!" On October 29, the Taiyuan police received a report from a citizen Qiao that two months ago, he was added as a wechat friend by a stranger in the name of recommending stocks and was pulled into the wechat group. Meanwhile, he was guided by the so-called teacher to invest in the "cloud currency platform".
        Qiao invested 300000 yuan, but he was forced to close his position by the platform in just one day. After that, the platform customer service led to increase the investment to recover the loss. The victim felt cheated and reported to the police. After learning that Qiao had called the police, the customer service of "cloud currency platform" said that as long as Qiao withdrew the case, he could get 110000 yuan of "compensation". In view of the abnormal performance of the customer service personnel of the "cloud coin platform", the police keenly judged that the so-called "cloud coin platform" might be a network Telecom fraud crime platform, and set up a special group to investigate. The ad hoc group found that more than 60000 yuan in the platform account had entered a network technology company in Beijing, and immediately went to investigate.
        It is found that the network company is a formal software development company. In June 2019, it signed a software sales agreement on "blockchain cloud currency virtual currency trading platform" with a man named "Qian Hui". The police found that the users of the platform did not store the virtual currency bitcoin, nor did they access the third-party trading platform according to the software requirements, and the fund transfer account of the platform was a personal account. With the further deepening of the investigation, the police found that more than 300 victims were forced to close their positions by the platform, distributed in many provinces and cities across the country, and the amount involved was more than 30 million yuan. Therefore, the police concluded that the "cloud currency platform" was a false trading platform.
        Based on the investigation of the software buyer "Qian Hui", the police found that the platform had a fund audit department, a live room and a line group, and many people were involved. The suspect Zhang and Xin are respectively responsible for the live broadcast room, the speech department and the fund audit department. At this point, a network fraud group with corporate operation and complete chain emerged. "After basically mastering the case and the situation of this criminal gang, it is a difficult point for the police to arrest them." According to the introduction of the police handling the case, according to the preliminary investigation, the special case team quickly established the working idea of using people to settle in dens and attacking the whole chain. The special group sent two investigators to Henan and other places to investigate.
        After a large number of visits by the police, the police basically determined the hiding place of the suspect. It is urgent to crack down on the network. Due to the large number of criminal groups involved in the case and the difficulty in catching them across two provinces, the special case team made careful arrangements from the aspects of police force deployment, arrest time, fixed personnel evidence correspondence, and trial plan. Finally, the police decided to launch arrest operations in Henan and other places at the same time to ensure that the main culprit and the suspects in the dens were caught. On December 13, the two-way arrest action teams went to the place of arrest and met with the police in the front-end investigation. With the close cooperation of the local police, the law of activities of Zhang and Xin, the principal criminals of the criminal group, was preliminarily determined.
        At about 9:00 on December 16, when the arrest teams of the two places were preparing to take action, the principal criminal Xin Xiaolei left Henan Province by himself and went to Shaanxi Province; The principal criminal Zhang Yihui has not yet arrived at the shelter. If we act according to the plan, the two principal criminals may be caught in the net. The arrest teams of the two places decisively terminated the action, quickly launched the No. 2 arrest plan, and arranged the Henan police force to divide into two routes. On the one hand, they continued to control Zhang Sha, the person in charge of the fund audit department, in Henan; On the other hand, according to Xin's driving track, he drove more than 200 kilometers to Shaanxi for tracking and waiting. At about 9:00 on December 17, the police were all in place, waiting for the principal criminal Zhang Hui to enter the urn. At about 11:00, Zhang was arrested in a hotel.
        Since it was time for lunch break for other suspects in the shelter, the arrest team decided to postpone the arrest until 13:30. As soon as the time came, all 72 people were arrested. The police also seized 289 mobile phones and more than 80 computers at the scene. In order to enable the arrested police to quickly familiarize themselves with the case and improve the efficiency of interrogation, all 25 police of the special group participated in the template production of interrogation records before the arrest. After the suspect was arrested, 12 interrogation teams were quickly established to summon and interrogate the suspect according to law. After 40 hours of continuous fighting by the police, on the evening of December 18, the police took compulsory measures of criminal detention against all 72 suspect.
        According to investigation, in June 2019, suspect Xin Mou Lei and Zhang Mou Hui purchased the "blockchain virtual currency cloud currency trading platform", and successively organized Zhang Mou Sha, Wu Mou Tai, Wu Mou, Wang Mou, Wang Mou Xi, an MOU Chao, Zhang Mou Qiang, etc. to establish a fund review department and a speech guidance department, recruit a large number of so-called "employees", and use wechat to lure them with "free recommendation of advantageous stocks" and "teachers" to make sure that they can make a profit without losing money, Entice the victim to add friends and join wechat group. The Gang also set up a live room to play the so-called "senior teachers" and "ordinary shareholders" in the wechat group. The "senior teachers" released the stock trend, and the "ordinary shareholders" boasted and flattered, luring the victims to believe the so-called "senior teachers". Then, they sang bad about the stock market and guided the victims to enter the so-called "cloud currency platform" they had built under the banner of "the rising market of blockchain virtual currency transactions".
        According to the police, without access to any trading platform, the victims were attracted to make false transactions according to the so-called "senior teacher's" bill. The funds transferred by the victim to the platform account were all transferred by the gang members at the first time and then withdrawn, but only the numbers displayed on the platform were obtained. The suspect increased the fall risk of the victim's so-called "purchased virtual currency" with a false leverage of 30 times, and tampered with the trend chart of the virtual currency transaction until the victim's number displayed on the platform in exchange for the money that had been illegally occupied by the suspect was "forcibly closed". The victim mistakenly thought that the virtual currency market caused the loss, and then covered up his illegal possession of the victim's funds Fictitious virtual currency transactions and trends, defrauding other people's property.
        On December 21, 72 suspect were successfully escorted back to Taiyuan by Shanxi Police. At present, the case is being further handled.
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