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World SMS! Citigroup: the merger of Ethereum will have a variety of impacts on the blockchain

Time : 26/06/2022 Author : e346o8 Click : + -
        According to the golden financial report, Citigroup said in a research report on Thursday that the merger of the Ethereum blockchain plan, upgrading it from the proof of work (POW) system to a more environmentally friendly proof of interest (POS) mechanism, will have a series of impacts. These include reducing energy intensity, transitioning to deflationary assets, and a potential roadmap for a more scalable future through fragmentation. According to the report, merge is the first of the five planned upgrades of the network. By reducing the block time, it may only increase the transaction speed by 10%. However, it paves the way for "surge", the next planned upgrade of the network, and promises to bring 100000 transactions per second (TPS) to the blockchain.
        Citi said that the conversion from POW would reduce the overall circulation by 4.2% per year, and as eth eventually becomes deflationary, this may improve the situation of tokens as value storage. (coindesk)。
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