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Take you to understand cross chain bridge

Time : 05/09/2021 Author : bfke2o Click : + -
        First of all, the existence of cross chain bridge is actually based on the core assumption of the Multi Chain ecological pattern in the future; Second, the significance of the cross chain bridge lies in promoting the flow of assets and information on different blockchains. Stage 4: a single application deploys its different parts on multiple chains to make each part run on the most efficient chain. The backend packages of these different chains will communicate with each other to ensure the continuity of the user experience;. Stage 5: ecosystem agnosticism, providing a wide range of Web3 ecosystem interfaces. Traditional developers can arbitrarily deploy applications supported by Web3 tools on the chain without complex blockchain Programming & mdash& mdash; Abstract away all the complexity.
        Each blockchain has its own communication protocol, consensus rules, governance model and native assets. The core of cross chain is to reach consensus, so that one blockchain can access the status of another blockchain and promote the transfer of information and assets between blockchains. There are three main authentication mechanisms, namely:. On the basis of native verification, an extremely light node and a Oracle are introduced, in which the oracle and the repeater work independently, which can improve the security of the whole system and reduce the cost. When the user wants to send information from blockchain a to blockchain B, the information is sent by the terminal of blockchain a, and the Oracle (blockid, smart contract identifier of blockchain b) and repeater of the user program are notified (all information is notified).
        The Oracle forwards the block header to the terminal of blockchain B, and the repeater then submits the transaction certificate. After the transaction proof is verified on the blockchain B chain, the information is forwarded to the destination address. Finally, the user obtains the original assets on the target chain through the liquidity aggregation pool built by him. The oracle and repeater work independently. The Oracle uses an independent third-party chainlink, which increases the difficulty and cost of the Oracle being attacked by hackers. Even if the Oracle is broken, there is still repeater verification, which increases the safety factor. Consistent with the blockchain, the cross chain bridge is also limited to the classic Impossible Triangle: security, interoperability, and decentralization. The current cross chain bridges make trade-offs in different performance dimensions to meet the user pain points to be solved.
        The current mainstream analysis of cross chain bridges has the following dimensions:. In general, the cross chain bridge needs to be further improved at this stage because of potential security problems, so as to strengthen users' confidence in asset security when using the cross chain bridge. From the perspective of users, in addition to security, it is also necessary to provide a smooth cross chain experience, including one click cross chain, convenient cross chain speed, and direct conversion into native assets. Multi Chain ecology is an irreversible trend in the future. Cross chain bridge is also the core infrastructure at the bottom. We look forward to the development of cross chain bridge in the future. Return to Sohu to see more.
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