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Just look at the car meta universe

Time : 23/08/2021 Author : dynlvt Click : + -
        Digital currency sounds very complicated. In short, it is money in another sense, which can be used to buy things. At present, most of the digital currencies in the automotive industry are bundled with the concept of the meta universe, carrying the function of value transfer in the meta universe. But at present, except for the digital RMB issued by the central bank, other domestic digital currency transactions are illegal. Of course not, events quickly reversed &mdash& mdash; False, ideal and Weilai both issued a statement to respond and remind everyone to pay attention to fraud. For example, Tesla CEO musk holds a large number of bitcoin and dog coin, and has repeatedly built momentum for cryptocurrency on social platforms.
        GAC Weilai has also announced that it will become the first car company in China to accept bitcoin payment for car purchases. Jidu, Xiaopeng, Chery, FAW Pentium, Chang'an Auchan, Dongfeng Fengshen and other brands have also used yuancosmos for relevant marketing, and various car companies are also competing to launch virtual images to create yuancosmos love beans. Familiarity is often seen everywhere, especially in recent years. It seems that everything can be metacosmic. Strangeness is because few people can say what the Qingyuan universe is, especially when derivatives such as digital currency, cryptocurrency, digital collection, virtual image and blockchain appear in a swarm, it makes people bigger and can't say why. In fact, the metauniverse is not a new product. It was proposed as early as 30 years ago. It can be simply understood that the metauniverse is not a pure virtual world, but a world integrated with reality. You can contact and communicate with people in digital space, not just the online year movie "player 1", which vividly embodies the concept of the metauniverse. The film creates a scene called oasis, Players can explore, entertain and live freely in the virtual world of oasis through VR devices.
        Among them, virtual image is the most important choice for car companies to test the water of the yuan universe. In June alone, there were many virtual images from auto companies in the auto industry, such as Dongfeng Peugeot's little lion sister lé a. Chery's meta universe girl Axi, baidu digital man owner sigaga, FAW Volkswagen virtual image brand officer IDA. Photo source / there are also many car enterprise players in the digital collection market of link digital exhibition hall. Auchan and Tencent magic core jointly launched 666 yuan universe digital collections of car robot Auchan Z6; Acura also has a reservation for the new 2023acuraintegra to have the opportunity to obtain digital collections.
        In January this year, Roewe and designer Jubie jointly created a digital art collection "Roewe yuan universe", which sold at a sky high price of 1million. In the topic of automobile meta universe, according to the depth of development, the meta universalization of various automobile enterprises is different. Among them, the most meta universe belongs to the degree of concentration. From left to right, little lion girl lé a. Ida, Axi, higaga photo source / network take IDA, the brand official of FAW Volkswagen virtual image, as an example, which obviously shows problems such as stiff limbs and uncoordinated movements. Dongfeng Peugeot's little lion sister lé A is like the painting style of 20 years ago, and the overall image is also lack of beauty.
        A Yu told Shentu that these virtual images felt lack of funds at a glance. At present, the meta universe of car companies still stays in the category of virtual scene + virtual image, and almost all you can bring out are 50 cents special effects. Car companies do metauniverse, on the one hand, for marketing, want to rub the popularity of metauniverse, on the other hand, they want to explore potential money making opportunities. After all, it is too common for rich tycoons to spend millions in metauniverse, buy land, build houses and bid for digital collections. Some car companies are working on VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). For example, Weilai ES7 is equipped with panoramic digital cockpit panocinema using ar/vr technology. When users wear exclusive ar glasses, they can project a super large screen with a viewing distance of 6 meters and an equivalent of 201 inches, which improves the user's sense of immersion experience in a certain sense and can be used as a direction to realize the meta universe.
        Panasonic ar-hud2.0 system rendering image source / network some enterprises also try to turn the windscreen into the entrance of the automotive metauniverse first. In 2022, Panasonic exhibited the patented ar-hud2.0 system with eye tracking at the CES exhibition. At present, the HUD system on the car can only present some important driving information such as speed per hour and navigation, but Panasonic's ar-hud2.0 system can more accurately focus the AR icon on the real world in front of the driver, improve the authenticity and presence of the image in the driver's field of vision, and it looks like a cyberpunk feeling.
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